Go Go Gadget Ears!

Flyball Practice

21 Comments on “Go Go Gadget Ears!

  1. LOL, perfect title for that pic!

    Dennis says: hello expat mom thanks for stopping by i am glad yoo like my eerz they ar majikal arnt they??? ok bye


  2. Go Go Gadjet Dog, you look like you’re really good at flyball & enjoy it heaps. I don’t think Dixie could jump that high, I’d have to carry her 🙂


  3. Considering the time lag with digital point-and- shoot cameras, a remarkable photo. Was it one lucky shot, or did you have to try a number of times?

    Jim says: I was expecting a comment that this would have made a good 3D picture! 😉 I will have to ask Dennis’s mom how many shots she took to get this one.


  4. DENNIS! Hai I is Jake! I do dat in tha house but mom calls it the puppy version of THoE (thundering herd of elephants). The kittys do not want to play this game wif me though. Any thoughts on how to get them too?

    I is Jake!

    Dennis says: hello jake its dennis the vizsla dog hmm according to a sientifik poll i hav konducted of all the cats in the howse by which i meen trouble the kitty the chanses of getting a kitty to play thundring herd of elefants with yoo is aproksimatly zero persent but nevr feer their is always a chanse to beet the odds and — wot? oh dada sez that if sumthing is zero persent then their is no chanse to beet the odds oh wel maybe yore cat isnt as eeritabul as trouble the kitty ok bye


  5. Your ears are very vool. But mom says I can fly with mine like Sister Bertrille, but I have never been able too……


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  7. Oh this looks cool Dennis, though where’s the little red dot to chase like a nutter? I’m so good at red dot chasing I’m sure I’d win! 😉


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