my buddies!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel it apeerz i hav been reemiss in posting the gudies wot my frends hav givn me the last kuple of weeks so to rektify that heer ar too resent awards wot i wuz givn by other nice reederz such as yoreself:

first i wud like to thank my frends hoo ar prepayrd to absurdized yoo for giving me the kind blogger award!!!!

kind blogger award
sum kind of blogger

as yoo may no i wuz preevyusly givn this award by my gud frend mercedes hoo has been swallowd up by the black hole nown as school but perhaps we will see her agin nekst summer wen skool closes for three munths so the children can go home and help their mamas and dadas pick crops on the farm

nekst i wood like to thank my gud frend daisy dog for mayking me part of the skwirrel patrol!!!!!

my buddy!!!!!
my buddy!!!!!

as yoo may hav red in the papers the skwirrel patrol is a noo teem of superheroes led by the famus rusty the skwirrel-chaser wot hav banded together to defeet the vast rodent konspirasy the skwirrel patrol meets in the famus doghowse of justiss in the mithical sitty of metropolis

i am onnord to be mayd a member of this awgust organizayshun now if i cud just find my hypnotic flying disk i cud start mayking a contribyooshun to the skwirrel-fiting effort i will go luk for it now i hope i can find it before enny soopervillins attak!!!!! ok bye

20 thoughts on “my buddies!!!

  1. Dennis, I mustmustmustmust join you in your quest to catch every squirrel in the world and ship them to outerspace to life with Alf or someone because they are driving me crazy they taunt me by sitting on the patio and make all of these wacky noises and taunt me to chase them but I can’t get at them because SHE won’t open the door and let me out to chase them. One day, I shall grab one by the furry little tail and that will be that because they will fear me then! Your friend, Clover.

    Denny, its only a furry rat …… that must be removed from the face of the earth. Coz.


  2. Hey Dennis congradulashuns on yer awards! I getted some awards too and guess what I learned is that they dont taste good and your Mummy cant throw them fer you to go get. Well I guess you already knowed that cause you gots a lot of awards already. Anyways them squirrels in yer pitcher are very scary!! I guess yer squirrels look diffrent than the one what lives in my yard cause yours look kinda like this thang my Mummy had once called a hedjhog. Does the squirrels in yer yard run up in trees or does they have spiky thangs on their backs?


  3. Dennis!
    Congratulations on the awards! You deserve them. Did you get your official Squirrel Patrol Certificates? I sent Tucker one even though you said he couldn’t be bothered to move out of the kitchen!



  4. We came over from Rusty’s place. We are members of the squirrel patrol and Rusty said you have some new headquarters for a new threat! Looks great. Stoopid rodents. They are all evil!! We are prepared for battle!!
    Hugs &Hi 5s

    Dennis says: hello sunny & scooter thanks for stopping by we need all the help we can get aginst the evil hedjhog army!!!! ok bye


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