The Trouble with Taters

After our apocalyptic battle with Captain Sweet Tater and the Space Spud, things have begun to return to normal aboard the Enterprise. Everyone still mourns Mr. Spock, but our new crew member Mr. Spud has assumed Spock’s duties and continues to impress everyone with his racquetball prowess. Most of the equipment that was damaged during the fight with the Space Spud has been replaced.

I have begun to dream of being returned to earth soon to resume my duties at the department of archeology, investigating lost civilizations and finding lost kongs. But then, mysterious things begin happening aboard the Enterprise — mysterious, and disturbing.

First, a strange and noxious odor permeates the living quarters of the Enterprise, putting a number of crew members into Sick Bay. An enemy attack? Malfunctioning life support? What could be causing this nauseating stench?

Fortunately, the ship’s filters eventually deal with the problem, and the engineers reprogram the food synthesizers so that I can no longer get beans from them. Ah, the privations of space travel. But no sooner is that problem solved than another begins:

Yes, the ship is being overrun with golden-brown tater tots. Clearly this is the work of Captain Sweet Tater, perhaps some doomsday device that he planted on the Enterprise before his own ship was destroyed!

A miracle! Spock has returned in our darkest hour, with critical advice for the captain:

As always, Spock’s advice has proved sound. Mr. Creosote was able to consume every last invading tater tot, giving his life in an effort to save the Enterprise. Once the mess on the bridge has been cleared up, Captain Kirk gets down to business: Finding out how the tater tots were able to invade his ship.

This is one mystery whose solution will not be quickly found. Clearly Captain Sweet Tater’s malign influence did not end with his destruction aboard the Space Spud. The only question is, can we stop whatever evil plan he set in motion before it destroys us? I have every confidence we will succeed. Because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up!

9 thoughts on “The Trouble with Taters

  1. Aww, I’ve been WAITING for someone to make more episodes! Thank you from the bottom of my trekky heart. I need to email this link to my brother.

    (We like Star Wars, too. In fact, my brother…. who is also a trumpet player… played the “Star Wars” theme as the recessional at our sister’s wedding….)

    Jim says: If you like “Star Wars”, stay tuned …….


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