it luks like a ladder but we cant clime it

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel owr new naybors nekst door hav a littel scotty dog or shnowzer or wotever yoo call it this dog likes to come and stand on the other side of owr fense and bark and wuf and then that mayks trixie and me bark and wuf too we are just tawking to the naybor dog abowt the wether and wotnot but having the fense in the way mayks it difficult to tawk properly now if only we cud figger owt how to climb theez ladders and git to the other side we cud hav a proper conversayshun with the naybor dog and possibly hav a nice party with tee and dog biskits

unforchoonatly we ar unaybel to kwite figger owt how wun climbs a ladder wen wun duz not hav thums this is a mistry we ar stil wurking on but we hope to solv it soon we ar open to sugjestchuns if ennywun nos how to skayl theez things i wil keep evrywun posted on owr progress ok bye

12 thoughts on “it luks like a ladder but we cant clime it

  1. I think I have it all figured out! First use your front paws and put them on the highet step, the put your back paws on the other step, then keep doing that until you reach the top. The only thing is aht you will have to balance your teacup on your head since your paws will be busy.


  2. Maybe Dada could swap out part of the stockade fence for pickets! That way you could see one another and have your “Proper Conversayshuns” face to face. Of course it would have to be OK with the neighbor’s Dada, too.


  3. Trixie seems very intrigued with your neighbors Dennis…much more than you.

    Dennis says: hello gina yes i can tayk em or leev em i am a dog of the world so it tayks a lot to impres me ha ha ok bye


  4. What you need is a lesson in climbing from a cat! Better still get really high on catnip, like I do all the time and you’ll just be able to float over the fence I’m sure. I bet that’s what they put in that drink they call “Red Bull”, oh yer it’s just gotta be fizzy catnip if it’s supposed to give you wings! 😉



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