i hav pruf i didnt do it

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel the other day mama and dada came home frum shopping and of korse they blaymd me for this:

however i hav pruf that it wuznt me this pruf is in the form of a stil photo tayken by my noo survaylinse sistem wot i instald to catch enny soopervillins that mite attak me becuz of my afilliayshun with the skwirrel patrol here is the photo:

so the gud nooz is that as yoo can see it wuz not me wot mayd a hole in the kowch cushon howevr the bad nooz is that we can luk forward to soon having a jigantic carniverus kowch shaypd alien monster running arownd oh well win sum looze sum ha ha ok bye

19 thoughts on “i hav pruf i didnt do it

  1. DENNIS! Hai I is Jake! Yoo has some bad luck wif the villeins! I fink yoo should put a trap to catch dem when they enter yoor space.


    ::springs in my feet::

    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  2. Dennis, I am pretty sure that we have a closet filled with those things because I surely don’t know who ate the front door! Your friend, Clover


  3. Hi Dennis
    my momma got a pxchur of a skwirl in camo she wanz to send u. Nutz r fallin off treez heer in Tennissseee. Skwirls r happy ‘cept if me an Tia r on patrol. Acornz, wallnutz, hickory.
    (This is mom, it sound like shrapenel when they land on our metal roof!!)
    ur friend Robbie


  4. It’s the moon, Dennis — there must be some tidal thing going on. The Chase puppy decimated a cell phone on Sunday and is also blaming it on aliens. We’re definitely being invaded!


  5. That is too bad Dennis! I’m sorry that that mean alien put a big hole in the couch to blame you! It is an alien plot and sounds like you are going to have to take care of it before it gets out of control! Hopefully before the Ninja Hedgehog Army gets there!



  6. Sandworms, Once thought to live only on Arakas; They can’t live on Gedi Prime, it’s because of the lack of leather sofa of which Earth is abundant.


  7. Holey Moley is that yukko looking.. it is bigz enough to bite yet small enough to crawl into holes you don’t want it to!!

    Never fearz Dennis I have sent you via the virtual sonic beams of HAToomah a snake charming device..
    her name is Mindy… OOoohhh I iz so naughty!! 😛 But hey whatever works right? 😉



  8. My gracious, so many comments, and not a suspicious “oh come on now” in the bunch. That photo looks DOCTORED, I tell you.

    Dennis says: wot??!?!?! this is an owtrayj!!!! how cud i posibly doktor a foto wen i dont evn hav thums? this is eksaktly the way it happend i tel yoo!!!! ok bye


  9. Dennis can you send me sum of those alien thangs? I doesnt ruin thangs like I used to cause I is an old dawg now, but I might want to keep sum on hand jest in case I need sumthang to blame. Specially since Old Lady Dawg isnt around ennymore cause Mummy used to blame her fer everythang ha ha ha.


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