Overheard Around The House

Me: “What’s this?”

Wife: “I got it at Dexter’s Deli. It’s supposed to calm Dennis down.”
Me: “Oh. So are you going to play it for him tomorrow when we’re at work?”
Wife: “No, first I have to play it when he’s relaxed so he forms good associations with it. I’m going to go play it for him in the bedroom while he’s lying down.”
Me: “Okay”

Later ……..

18 thoughts on “Overheard Around The House

  1. I went to the website and listened to samples. It’s classical piano, but played at a slower tempo than normal. Maybe it will calm Dennis down (I sure hope so) but all it did for me was give me an urge to make the pianist play faster!



    ::springs in my feet::

    ::springs in my feet::

    I love love love gettin on the bed wif mom or dad. I only get to do that like yoo is in the picture. And ONCE I gotted to sleep there till way early in the morning – they fell asleep befores me!! ha ha!

    I is Jake!


  3. haha! I went to the website to listen to some of the music too and I’m about to fall asleep. Loki’s already sleeping though… so we’ll see if it works!


  4. My mom and dad play classical music whenever they leave the house or put me in my crate to calm me down. Now, whenever I hear it, I start to get drowsy and…zzzzzzzz….


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