i kick sum wurd wot i hav nevr herd before

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk at the nice award wot i got from my gud frend nevis at manicdote!!!!!

now i hav nevr herd this fraze before but i am led to understand that it meens i am scarry and formidabul and thus i hav desided to hang it owtside the doghowse of justiss so that the ninja hedjhogs no wot they ar up aginst wen they arrive and hopefully they will peesfully dispers reterning to there ordinary lives of foraging and curling up into balls and starring in viddyo gayms

thats rite yoo skayrd hedjhog!!!! yoo go tell the rest of the hedjhog army not to mess with the skwirrel patrol!!!! ok bye

15 thoughts on “i kick sum wurd wot i hav nevr herd before

  1. The word you haz never heard before Dennis is another name for a donkey!!
    I don’t know why you would want to kick a donkey, I mean that is mean , donkeys are placid creatures.. I guess the hedgehog was scared-ed coz anyone that would want to kick a donkey must be a crazy ass mofo.. or something to that effect 😛 heheh



  2. DENNIS!! Yoo showed dem hedgehogs! Ummm do we still get to use the doghowse of justiss??

    I is Jake!

    Dennis says: hello jake yes of korse we can continyoo to yooze the doghowse of justiss i am shoor their will be fyootcher threts that are just as grayv as the ninja hedjhog army!!! ok bye


  3. That hedgehog looks like he can read the sign! I didn’t know that hedgehogs could read, even ninja hedgehogs. Hopefully they don’t read your blog…..then they would figure out the plan….


  4. I cannot read but my Mummy reads thangs to me but that hedjhogs Mummy wuz not with him when he seed that sign so Im not sure he understanded it. Mebbe he is skeered cause you is clearly smarter than him cause you can read. Or mebbe he is confoozled which is also good cause it is easy to beat a confoozled enemy jest ask Old Lady Dawg she always used to confoozle me a lot and thats how come she beated me at lots of games.


  5. Dennis does indeed kick ass.

    On a side note, I’m sure that my own dogs have heard me use words in a profane way few humans have heard.


  6. Hi Dennis, we saw you around on some of our pals blogs and Mum thought you were ultra cute so we decided to come along and say hi.. I’m a rescue doggy too!
    Congratulations on your award buddy, it looks real good on your crib!

    Nice to meet you.


    Dennis says: hello ben its dennis the vizsla dog hay thanks for stoping by and feel free to yooze the ameniteez at the doghowse of justiss wenever yoo want ok bye


  7. Glad thos dam rodenz r takn car of. Hope we stil uze the clubhouze. Gud job(u shud haf wated for me! dammit)cuz i am so very tuf. we got sum awards. stead uv us chozin, u want to chuz one u lik? i doan think anyddog haz dun it that way befor. but y not? wanna chooz won? i wan u to haf one. pic won u lik,k? (ur kickass is a gud won-tuff!) con cong well,gladu got it! ok,wellok.
    Hi 5s
    pee eess let me no wich won u chooz. this is fun.


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