why wood i want to bring it to dada???

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel as yoo no i hav a wide variety of flying toyz howevr sumtimes i like to play fetch with things that are not striktly speeking flying toyz my current favrit being my jiant snayk

unforchoonatly dada is not so gud at throwing the jiant snayk and it offen lands in spots ware it is diffikult to retreev it like for instanse rite in frunt of my sister trixie ummm trixie wood yoo mind too tarribly if i pikd up my snayk wot has landed rite in frunt of yoo? pleez???

whew that wuz close maybe mama can throw it so it duznt land on trixies hed ok mama throw it!!!

no mama yoo throw it!!!!! yoo!!!! ok fine dada can throw it if yoo insist …

now yoo throw it mama! yoo!!!!

wel as yoo can see mama and dada arnt so brite abowt the hole fetch thing but i am trying verry hard to teech them i wil keep yoo posted on there progress ha ha ok bye

17 Comments on “why wood i want to bring it to dada???

  1. Whoa, Dennis! All that panting and running made my Cardis jump up on my lap to see you on the computer. They’re jealous because you have a great big yard and someone to through your giant snake a long way.


  2. You should have called this post “Diss’d by Dennis” LoL. When I throw something for Cosmo to fetch, he brings it back to Clover. LoL.


  3. DENNIS! Hai I is Jake! Yoo fetch like I do. I wud rather give my toy to mom than dad. Course, I have erges fer her leg …


    ::springs in my feet::

    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  4. hi dennis, it’s me cody bear.
    i couldn’t help but notice that there are no well worn traaails in your yard. innnteresting. i have an intricate system of running trails in my yard, and in mama’s bff’s yard. i could install a very nice trail along the fence if you ever need one.
    wag wag.


  5. Nice yard, Dennis! I hope you help MOW it for all that good snake fetching you get to do there! (though you are VERY polite around your sister, I notice. That’s good.)


  6. I am very impressed at how you caught that giant flying snake in midair in the last video. Keep on trying to train your humans, Dennis. They’ll catch on eventually.


  7. They just don’t get it do they Dennis? hehe
    He is so full of energy. Trixie must be dominant over him. You have a nice backyard!


  8. There is an obvious pecking order at your house! You’re a good fetcher just like me. Rocket pickes up the thrown item and just runs away with it …… stupid boy.



  9. That is gigantic compared to Dixie’s medium size snake & you are so polite to Trixie.
    Good manners are like….
    What rhymes with Manners anyway???
    Spanners maybe?
    Good manners are like spanners????
    No that’s just a stupid saying, I think the chinese are better at old chinese proverbs


  10. Did sumone say FETCH??? Oh gosh and you have a neato toy to fetch too. I think its good to go between Mummy and Daddy fer throwing thangs so youre keeping them both intrested in the game and they dont get bored of it.


  11. HAHAH Dennis you haz my Momma cracking up!!
    Your tongue bounces to your breath.. iz VERY funny!!
    You iz doing a good job of teaching them both! 🙂



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