i thawt it nevr rayns in suthern california?!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo may hav herd a song wot sez it nevr rayns in suthern california wel i hav pruf that this song is not troo becuz luk wot is going on owtside rite now at this verry moment!!!!

i wil of korse be sooing albert hammond for fals advertizing wunse i deel with this ninja hedjhog problem ha ha ok bye

10 thoughts on “i thawt it nevr rayns in suthern california?!

  1. Well, okay, but with all the blue sky I saw in your video, it couldn’t have rained too long. We’ve had rain off & on here for 4 days now, and it’s forecast for the rest of the week.


  2. Oh yer that’s rain all right! Maybe it’s the sky crying ’cause our doggy friend Misty d’Vizsla is feeling really old and kinda sick at the moment…


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