the golden paw!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot my noo frends the texas sun dogs hav dun sumthing noo its a buffay style award ware yoo get to chuze the wun yoo want so i pikd the golden paw award to reflekt the viktry of the skwirrel patrol and the doghowse of justiss over the ninja hedjhog army!!!!

in addishun to beeing a kool award the golden paw is of korse also a famus kung fu moov that is nown to be hily effektiv aginst all forms of opponent be they ninja hedjhog or karate skwirrel or vorpal bunny i hav not masterd this moov yet but hope to soon and then i wil add it to my alreddy formidabul repertwar and wunse i do that then no wun will ever dayr attak the doghowse of justiss ha ha oh hay wayt i think i heer sumbuddy owtside the doghowse of justiss it must be sum of my fans luking for an awtograff

hmmm uh oh luks like my scarry sine didnt wurk as wel as i thawte i gess i better lern the golden paw a littel faster ok bye

9 thoughts on “the golden paw!!!

  1. Dennis: this is Momo + Jozsi. We knew you were smart, but now we know you know we know you know (?!) what it’s like to be forced to run in abhorrent conditions. Thank goodness for birds to chase and a giant couch to sleep on when we got home. Momo even managed to pretend he was so exhausted that he didn’t move over when Dad came to bed. And Dad fell for it… no covers and half a pillow for him.

    Congratulations on the Golden Paw. You should check out My Secret Fighting Technique when you get a chance. Lots of good ideas there.



  2. Dennis wot is all that graffiti on your dog house? this is awful, we need to infiltrate the ninja hedgehogs, maybe we can put a hedge hog disquise on Roscoe, he thinks he is a good actor, maybe he can “do hedgehog”! Or maybe Tuffy who is even smaller than Roscoe!


  3. Dennis I thinks having a Golden Paw might solve the funding of yer league of justiss. Unless its yer paw which is golden, which might acktually be a problem cause it would be kinda heavy and you might have troubles walking and swimming and stuff. Not Trouble the cat but just general troubles.


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