how to defeet a soopervillin

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel it terns owt that the rayn and thunder yesterday wuz a gud thing becuz not only duz rayn mayk the plants grow but also trouble the kitty duznt like to get wet so as soon as it started to rayn she ran off to her cat cup and abandond her army of hypnotizd ninja hedjhogs and then wunse she wuz in her cat cup dada swoopd in and nowing her secret vulnerability he compleetly disabeld her:

ah yes menny is the dog that has ben brawt low by the infamus tickel spot but this is the first time i hav seen it yoozd aginst an evil jeenyus kitty and then in the confyoozun i wuz abel to recovr the hypnotic flying disk wich it turnz owt had ben in trouble the kittys pozeshun the hole time!!!!!

i yoozd the disks hypnotic powerz to mayk the ninja hedjhogs kleen up the mess they had mayd owt of the doghowse of justiss:

so wunse agin we see that evil has ben servd a justiss sandwich!!! and let this be a lessun to all yoo dogs owt their to keep an eye on yore hypnotic flying disks lest they shud fall into the rong hands ha ha ok bye

13 thoughts on “how to defeet a soopervillin

  1. LOL I didn’t know cats had sweet spots too. Tuffy kicks at the drop of a hat. I like the cleaned up dog house Dennis. That’s the way.


  2. DENNIS! Hai I is Jake! Dat was great work yoo did – finding the evil kittys tickle spot and gettin yer disk bak! Mom said I cud post my award yoo has shared wif me, and that I gotted into the Dog Hall of Justice League!


    ::springs in my feet::

    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  3. hay denis stoopid mom. she thot she putted u in the frens list an we wood no wen u writed sumpthin. Huh-she did not do that. so i am lat. mom iz gonna tri to find weer she fownd thos id cardz. (ha-peepul mak fun of mi brainz-herz cant memberer nuthin!) she sez she wil emal it to u. u git to put a picshur and words on it. So u can decide on the wordz cuz it iz yer fort.
    Hi 5s


  4. Holey Ma Moley, I did not know we could have spots like that?!?!
    I must get Momma to help me find one of mine!
    Your house looks as good as new Dennis, very quick thinking! 🙂



  5. Oh but ya know cats can melt in the rain… and so can collies! I used to not care about the rain but then here in Utah there isn’t much and the rest of the collies melt so I must too!


  6. I didn’t know hedgehogs were such good cleaners. They should go into legitimate business! “Merry Hedgehogs” “Speedy Hedgehogs” “Two Hedgehogs and a Broom.” I reckon they’d work cheap as long as Trouble minds her own business.


  7. Justice always prevails even if it delays sometimes. Dixie seems imune to tickle torture so I hope she doesn’t ever turn evil ‘cos she’s black & in the old cowboy movies the bad guys always wore black hats.
    P.S. I have posted the fish tank photos, thanks a lot for them, I also think F.T. is in serious need of cardboard…..


  8. That’s the way to completly disable that kitty! I’m glad you got your hypnotic flying disk back! I wish I had one of those to use.

    Wow! The Doghouse of Justice sure looks spiffy! Good job!

    …serve them a justice sandwich….sounds like a line from The Tick, one of my favorite super heros. After Dennis of course.


    Dennis says: oh yeah the tick and i go way bak i tawt him evrything he nos wich isnt much ha ha ok bye


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