32 thoughts on “Sometimes A Bully Stick Is Just A Bully Stick

  1. DENNIS!! Hai I is Jake! Dat looks gud! Can I has a bite? I’s give yoo some of my red bone if yoo like!


    ::springs in my feet::

    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  2. Now, you know why they are called “BULL”y sticks and not “COW”y or BEEF sticks don’t you? 😉

    Dennis says: hello shelley i am pretty shoor they ar calld bully stiks becuz my sister trixie tries to bully me and tayk mine and — wot??? oh hang on dada wants to tell me sumthing … uh huh … uh huh … uh huh … WOT?!?!?!? AIEEEE!!!!! ok bye


  3. Sunny&Scooter love, LOVE bully sticks, bull pizzles,bull peni whatever you’d like to call them. I just want to know one thing. How come when we were raising cattle, all this stuff made into expensive treats for dogs, were just tossed?????? Dammit.
    Jamie(who coulda been rich…)
    pee ees http://www.imagechef.com is where we found those id cards, they have a ton of stuff and it is free.
    Seriously now. You are telling me there is a camera that exists that is $45,000.00?! REALLY?? Nah, must have been a mistake. REALLY?


  4. Dennis, Don’t you just love chew sticks like those? because they are my absolute favorite, too. But, I am only allowed one occassionally because they give me farts. Your friend, Clover


  5. …or are you just quick with the click button?????

    Jim says: He was chewing on his bully stick and I told him to sit, and he did, for a second. Fortunately my wife’s Canon is pretty quick to fire the shutter!


  6. Is that a real cigar or one of those great ‘nip ones we all love? If it’s the latter be prepared to have 3 cats attached to your face soon Dennis! 😉


  7. Aww! I just stumbled on your blog and I have a vizsla – her name is Sugar. I could talk hours about her – she is the best ever! She is so great with my girls.
    Please feel free to visit my blog & see Sugar! Dennis is adorable!!!!


  8. “Zen and the Art of the Bully Stick.” There’s a story there somewhere, innit? Dennis could visit the Dali Lama or Buddha or something and learn the Zen of the bully stick. Maybe a few Ninja Hedgehogs thrown in for good measure. Come on. Write it! You know you want to!


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