golden paw chop!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel now that the evil ninja hedjhog army has ben defeeted and i hav finishd lerning the famus kung fu moov the golden paw i am reddy to pass it along to a fyoo akolites so that they too can no the secret of this aynchent and powerful marshal art

ok heer goze:

  • first i wil teech jerry the rodezhin fridge snak so that he is abel to judo chop open the fridge and get his snaks mor eezily
  • nekst i wil teech charlie hoo wil need to no this kung fu moov to survive in the wilds of new york sitty wunse he is reddy to get his own apartment
  • and gabby hoo has to reklaym her home wot has been tayken ovr by wild tigers
  • and poor miss laila hoo wil need to defend herself frum bulleez wot mite want to mayk fun of her littel pants
  • and molly and shadow so that jake isnt the only wun wot has sooper powerz their
  • and littel teensy dixie hoo needs to no kung fu just becuz she is teensy
  • and daisy the dog and daisy the cat becuz they hav the saym naym even tho they ar not the saym person or ar they??? i hav nevr seen them together!!!  ennyway they can hav a kung fu battel to see hoo is the reel daisy if they want to i wil help them sell tickets ha ha
  • and finaly the nanny goats in panteez becuz just like with miss laila sum bulleez mite want to mayk fun of a goat waring panteez and wont they be surprized to get a fayse ful of golden paw???  espeshly sinse a goat duznt even hav a paw!!!!

wel thats all for now so welkum to my dojo evrywun the kung fun smakdowns wil now begin!!!! ok not reely we wil just hang owt and eet bully stiks but we can stil tel evrywun we did martial arts for three owrs strait ha ha ok bye

16 thoughts on “golden paw chop!!!

  1. Oh MY! Jerry is so pleased. Such an honor, and he promises not to mention how he guilted you into it.

    I am very scared of the dog pictured to my immediate left, however. Is that Dennis on a bad day?

    Jim says: That’s a picture whose caption contest I won. My caption was, “I would like to assure the vizsla oversight committee that I have never used steroids.”


  2. Hi Dennis it’s Dixie the eensy weensy poodle puppy, Oh My Dog, thank you for an award, thank you so much, I’ll get my lazy dada to put in on his blog if he ever moves of the lounge…..


  3. Hi Dennis, Thank you for passing on the Golden Paw! I look very silly and will need it to defend myself from the bullies. Right now, I’m pretending to be “Buzz the Lightyear”, so I’m ok today. But tomorrow, I think my mom is going to make me wear “Little Nemo” pants, which is not good. I will work hard to master the ancient art of the Golden Paw, and promise to make you proud. Love, your loyal follower, Laila


  4. Well thank you for this prestigious award. Does this mean that you will teach us how to use the golden paw against the ninja hedgehoges, Capt. Sweet Tater and those pesky squirrels over at Rusty’s house? Oh and can I use it on Roscoe just for fun? Huh?


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