sumbuddy luvs me!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the blog hay luk at this nice peese of paper with a note on it wot i re-got frum my gud frend amanda!!!

this is the amanda hoo livs in the mithical land of new york wich is ware mama and dada like to pretend they yoozd to liv befor they livd heer eksept amanda lives in the playse that mama and dada call the sitty they say that wen yoo ar frum new york their is only wun sitty wich i gess meenz evrywun else has to stand up

ennyway i wood like to pass this nice peese of paper award along to sum of my frends so heer goze:

  • first i wil giv it to the nice gsp hoo livs wun door away frum hevn
  • and nekst my frend s le hoo is kleening up a troll infestayshun sort of like my ninja hedjhog problem
  • and checkers the corgi hoo has returnd after a long absense dooring wich i beleev he wuz eksploring antarktika or possibly serching for ham sandwiches
  • and dozer hoo sez stuff wot is pretty funny
  • and the red dawn vizslas hoo ar fiting to drive the rushins owt of the midwest as shown in the famus dokyoomentry moovie of the same naym and — wot???  oh dada sez it wuz patrick swayze and charlee sheen and c tomas howell wot wer fiting rushins in red dawn sorry my bad
  • and my gud frend gina and her little dog too
  • and my noo frend ramses the kitty and his ejypshun naymd family hoo as far as i no hav nothing to do with ninja hedjhogs
  • and lavenderbay hoo is mooving to sum other bay but wil probly stil be lavender
  • and finaly my gud frend goodbear hoo is recuvring from an owl attak and a skorpion attak and by now probly an elefant attak the way things are going try to stay owt of natcher for a wile ok goodbear????

whew!!!!! i hav so menny frends now it is hard to figger owt hoo to pass theez littel notes too so i hav startd yoozing the majik internet masheen to deside but evn that is kind of hard to yooze so i mite start doing it buffay stile like my noo frends the texas sun dogs do wot do yoo think duz evrywun luv a buffay??? ok bye

18 thoughts on “sumbuddy luvs me!!!

  1. haydenishaydenis!!! its me! Scooter. i thought up that buf-uh buff-uh-pick the ward u like!! me all bi miself. i mite be a jenius. we ar not shure yet.ok anok purty cool hu??? i fink i mayed DWB hiztery! i keep sayin. i am smarterer than efrywon finks! ok anok
    Hi 5s


  2. Oh, and thanks for the award. The Troll situation is under control, I think. He rarely comes around any more. It’s sort of sad really…..
    At any rate, thanks for the award. I’ll pin it to my shirt.


  3. I think every one loves a buffet but everyone is too afraid to use them..
    Last time Momma went to one she did not eat coz she could see snotty noses unattended rifiling through the food, tasting it and returning it.. Dirty peoplez putting their heads under the warmers , over the foods letting all their germs seep in.. oh wow too much to mention…Canz you tell she was very upset at wasting her monies?.. Buffets are not very healthy 😦



  4. Thank you, Dennis! And don’t worry, there are plenty of bays where I’ll be moving, so I’ll still be Lavenderbay.
    By the way, Livingisdetail told me a while back that she thought I might be another Australian like her, because Lavender Bay is a neighbourhood in Sidney. How cool is that?


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