The Bow Wow Wow Wow Song

Most songs are three to four minutes long, and of course I’m not going to stand around singing to the dogs for that long. (I do have important things to do, after all, like, um … well, okay, I don’t really have anything important to do.) Usually when I treat one of the animals to a serenade, I just take the catchiest part of the song, or the part that’s easiest to rework into something pet-appropriate. Here’s a little ditty that can be used with any of the beasts with minor modifications, because all their names happen to be two syllables long. (When used with Trouble the cat, “bow wow wow wow” would become “meow meow meow”, of course.)

The Bow Wow Wow Song

I’m Tucker
I’m a pretty little monkey-man
Cutest dog in all the land
Don’t you want to give me a big hug?
Bow wow wow wow
Bow wow wow wow
Bow wow wow wow …

This one is to the tune of “Haunted” by Poe, my #21 artist of all time according to (I’m sure she will go higher if she ever puts out another CD.)  Realizing that “Haunted” is relatively obscure compared to, say, the Scooby-Doo theme, here’s a little audio clip of the relevant portion of the song.  You can listen to the whole thing on Poe’s MySpace page if you are so inclined.

Note to Poe: Look, I provided a link to your MySpace page where people can buy your music! Please don’t sue me …

10 thoughts on “The Bow Wow Wow Wow Song

  1. I luvs it when my Mummy sings to me cause usually it means there is foodies coming! She sings Dozer boy oh Dozer boy whos a good boy Dozer boy. Me me me I’m a good boy Mummy gimme sum foodies!!


  2. What do the dogs do when you sing to them?

    Jim says: Dennis and Trixie wag their tails. Tucker just wishes I would stop. Trouble, of course, ignores me.


  3. Hehe that song is cute! Though Momma could not sing the Meow Meow Meow.. hell Momma has a hard time saying “Bees”, she is very sensitive and hates any kind of vibration on her lips.. yea yeah Momma is whack! hehe

    Oh we listened to that song, I likes it , it is nice and relaxing, but Momma and dadda go for more alive music, they call that stuff “whiney” and ” I’m gonna go slit my wrists now” kind of music.. you know for EMOS that think the world is all out to get themz and stuff. Just remember Momma is whack though… 😛 hehe



  4. you are the sweetest! you sing to your pups. now if i started that too, i think hubby will have me committed. so talking, cuddling, playing and walking and then some more chit chat, funny faces and of course teasing, always results in a ‘i want to be a dog too, they got more attention than i do’ comments. so no. i’m not gonna sing to them… oh but i do have little rhymes for them, ‘lucy liu’ ‘cheesy pekingesy’ ‘shadow shmadow’ and the favourite, ‘biggles with the goooogly eyes’. sheeesh, this is getting long now, bibi


  5. My mom makes up silly somes too. SOmetimes the words don’t make sense, so I bark along with her to help! She also taks to us, and cuz we don’t alk to her she replys for us! Now isnt athat very silly!!


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