skwirrel patrol sertifikats!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk at the sertifikats wot i got frum rusty for joining the skwirrel patrol!!!

now it terns owt that rusty akchooaly sent theez sertifikats weeks ago but dada beeing the slacker that he is lost them until he finaly mayd rusty send them agin and then he fownd the orijinals too can yoo beleev it???? its like he wurks for the stayt of california or sumthing

as yoo can see rusty evn sent a sertifikat for my brother tucker even tho tuckers idea of going on patrol is to luk owt into the bakyard frum mamas lap as she sits on the settee in the kitchen ha ha that wuz nice of rusty to pretend tucker chayses skwirrels maybe if the skwirrels wer mayd of buttr he wood do it ha ha ok bye

ennyway it wood hav ben nice if dada cud hav gottn theez sertifikats to me dooring the now ledjendary ninja hedjhog seedj but at leest i hav put them up now as yoo can see in this pikcher of me and tucker and trixie relaxing in the sitting room of the doghowse of justiss:

we ar just gitting reddy to enjoy a nice gaym of poker so i wil tawk to evrywun later!!!! ok bye

14 thoughts on “skwirrel patrol sertifikats!!!

  1. Dennis-You are quite the varmint detering dog. I am impressed with your well-deserved awards. Maybe you can give Dixy and Grady lessons. We have an opossum problem.

    P.S. Hope you win at the poker game.


  2. hay dennis, i sneeked ofer heer. i am keepin a low profile. wich iz not hard fer me sinz i am so short. hahahahaha scooter jok! i am glad u gotted yer ctificats-uh those paperz bowt the skweerl patrol. me an sunny haf owers.
    i saw how my post did not destruc. but suny is helpin me owt. so i shood be ok. leest til after moms road trip. then, well, sunny sez we will haf to tell whut happeneded prolly. sunny sez it iz a gud sine that the texas rangerz haf not calleded. i dunno. all i no is i dint try to do anyfing rong.
    did u find weer mom fownd those id cardz? cuz they r eazy tu make.(if mom can-anybudy can! fer shur!) u can email hur if u need mor infermashun) texas sun dog at g mail dot com
    i hope i can cum tu visit the doghowse of justis soon. it luks cool.
    ok anok. i gotta go.
    hi 5s


  3. You iz getting a a collection of good resume items now Dennis!
    You will need a bigger doghouse of justice soon, though the one you haz now looks very spacious and old worldly 🙂
    I can see you haz class!
    pes: do not lose too much money pokering.. or furrs ifs you iz playing naughty poker :p hehe



  4. i’m sorry, but…why does the dog house of justice look like a bordello? and what is in the erlenmeyer flask?

    Dennis says: hello goodbear its dennis the vizsla dog hay it is just the smoking room that is decorayted like this the rest of the doghowse of justiss is verry verry verry hi tek i ashoor yoo!!!! oh and i think the erlenmeyer flask has sumthing to do with fox mulder ok bye


  5. Are you guys drinking scotch??? Hey it looks like you guys are, wait, I think I see a ninja hedgehog looking in the window trying to steal secrets!! Or maybe he just wants some scotch?


  6. Hey Dennis, Your certificates look great hangkin in the doghouse of justice. Be careful! There is one of those senaky hedgehogs peeking in your window!



  7. Congratulations, guys! Those certificates really lend some class to your establishment.
    A flask of fox moulder? I can see how you dogs might like it, but I’ll just have a Guinness, thanks.
    Trixie looks lovely with her corsage.


  8. Thats cool you all getted certificates! I cant have one of them thangs cause theres only one squirrel in our whole nayborhood and it stays in the trees all the times so theres no way to chase it never. But you are very deserving of that there certificate cause its important to keep them bad squirrels away if you have them.


  9. Your photo reminds me of the painting of the poker playing dogs!

    I’d watch the windows if I were you though. You never know who or what may be out there!


  10. That Dog House of Justice is pretty flashy, you musta got the African’s money after all to be able to afford that!!!!

    P.S. I haven’t got any Flat Tony pics with you 3 beautiful dogs yet. Just sayin’….


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