god bless us evry wun (even tucker)

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay this weekend we got to go sumware speshul it wuz the blessing of the animals at the mishun this wuz performd by the franciscan friars on the grownds of the skool ware mama wurks and as yoo can see i wuz verry eksited to be their:

wunse i got sum enerjy owt running up and down the hallway we went down to the parish grownds and wayted in line to get owr blessing frum the nice friars

this wuz trixies first time at the blessing seremony she wuz a littel nervus at first with all the peepul and animals but she soon setteld down and then she wuz verry happy to be their

i wuz hoping that sinse they ar calld friars they wood be cuking hambergers or chicken or sumthing but no it terns owt they ar preests but thats okay becuz mama brawt treets along to reward us for being gud dogs insted of loonatiks

sumbuddy in line askd if we dogs had to go to confeshun before we got owr blessings but we didnt wich is gud becuz then tucker wood hav held up the line for a week tawking abowt all the trouble he has gotn into ovr the yeerz ha ha so ennyway heer is trixie getting her blessing frum wun of the friars

i hav met this friar menny times before and he is verry nice he likes me and for sum reezon he reely likes tucker too go figger ennyway heer ar tucker and me getting owr blessings

and this is tucker bursting into flayms after being struck by holy water

ha ha no i am just kidding that didnt happen becuz as i sed the father nos tucker wel and so they had the fire department standing by to hose him down and keep him from exploding ha ha no i am just kidding agin he didnt burst into flayms at all becuz he is a gud boy (mama told me i had to say that) ennyway heer is wot reely happend wen we got owr blessing:

dada edited owt the part ware tucker exploded then after we got owr blessing we went back to mamas classroom and dada fiksed wun of her compyooters and then it wuz time to play in the hallway sum more:

and then we went home and i slept for the rest of the day so it wuz a pretty gud weekend ok bye

22 thoughts on “god bless us evry wun (even tucker)

  1. DENNIS! Hai! Yoo was trin to take Tucker fer a walk or was yoo leadin him to a fun place? I hope it was a fun place to play, yoo looked like yoo liked to play in da school alot!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  2. so….by “blessing” of the animals you mean “butt scratching” of the animals?

    Dennis says: hello goodbear wot cud be a better blessing then a gud butt scratching ha ha ok bye


  3. Sumtimes when I sneeze Mummy sez bless you Dozer. I didnt see you sneeze in the video though. Still it wuz nice of that confused friar man to bless you even though you didnt sneeze!


  4. Dennis, Tucker, and Trixie, Happy Saint Francis’s Day! He’s my absolute favouritest saint, and you lucky dogs got your blessings through Franciscans — what could be better?
    James, I was so not expecting the fireball photo. My chest still hurts from laughing so hard!


  5. Chase said to tell you he wishes he’d been with you. He had to go to a dog show and it rained on him so the lady that took him used a blow dryer to dry out his hair. He really doesn’t like the blow dryer. He’s rather have friars and blessings and a run through the halls.


  6. Dennis says: hello goodbear wot cud be a better blessing then a gud butt scratching ha ha ok bye

    HAHAHAHAHA! Dennis is SO witty 🙂

    It is really wonderful that you took your dogs to be blessed. It always makes me smile to see people treat their dogs like friends/family instead of just treating them like animals.


  7. I thinks you had more adventures this weekend than in outta space! 🙂
    I did not know that monks were allowed to speak, I thought that they sang everything?



  8. I was so no expecting that bit about Tucker bursting into flames. I laughed out loud for 5 minutes! Well, ok, maybe 3.


  9. Well mom wanted me to tell you that she laughed so hard when Tucker got the holy water that she almost cried! But it is a bummer that those fryers didn’t have any good stuff to eat. .


  10. Loved the bursting into flames shot, I laughed so much I nearly spat my coffee onto the monitor….
    Lucky about the no confession, especially with your time spent in the “Big House”


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