left left left right left

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel this weekend wuz verry bizzy in addishun to gitting blessd by the friars and a nice gaym of poker in the doghowse of justiss i also helpd mama try to lern her lefts and rites

nowing yore left and rites is importent for ajility becuz yoo nevr no wich side yore nekst obstakel is going to be on

mama did ok for a wile but then she startd to git confyoozd and saying left or rite mor than wunse in a row this is probly why she gits so confyoozd dooring groop classes at the fred astaire stoodio when its time for the ladeez to rotayt to there nekst partner

hay mama dont kwit yore day job to bekum a marine drill instruktor ha ha ok bye

18 thoughts on “left left left right left

  1. DENNIS! Hai I is Jake! No wunder yoo is our leader of da doghowse of justiss!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  2. cooool dennis! you’re doing so well.
    cody’s agility toy is a wubba, too….but…he could care less. he would prefer i use a live cat, i think. when we practice at home he’s too busy hunting for cats to bring back a toy.


  3. Wow, Dennis, you are very clever! Now I want to teach The Girl how to tell left from right. She’s not too quick at these things so it might take a while.

    Did you go to a Blessing of the Animals on the weekend? The Girl really likes those!

    Brown dog kisses,


  4. You are very good at the left, right thing. You start to go ther right way, or left way before mama throws it. What a clever boy.
    The Fred Astair Studio, I have a strange feeling I may have a post about that soon…..


  5. Jerry the Rhodesian Fridge Snack got blessed over the weekend too, but not by friars because we don’t have any of those but also maybe because he scared all the friars away because Jerry is a wee bit EXCITABLE.


  6. Dennis, Chase said to tell you to be patient with your mama while she’s learning her directions. He says you can help by bringing her something to tie around her left wrist. Then she’ll always know that’s left — so the other hand must be right. Chase is almost as smart as you are.


  7. Dennis you need to come over here and teach our Mummy too, she’s totally useless at left and rights, though she’s good at opening pouches, cans and packets so we’re keeping her, ok! 😉


  8. Dennis you iz so very smart!!!
    And how nice of your Momma to trains with you, Mommas are not know for their training skillz usually only their feedin, cleaning and punishment skillz.
    Very cool Dennis!! AND Momma Dennis! 🙂



  9. OMG! what a great idea! We will bug mom/dad to play this game with us. When we bicycle jog mom calls out lefts/rights as we take the turns in the sidewalks. Thanks for the demonstration/instructional video. You’re so lucky to still be in such summer clothing. Mom has pulled out sweaters/sweatshirts and is looking for a jacket for Delilah. We now burro under our blankies here in Michigan at night.


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