hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog ummm my grammy and grampy mite want to skip this post so i will wayt for them to leev ok ar they gawn????

wel so ennyway it luks like the ninja hedjhogs hav desided that sinse they cant defeet the awsum power of the skwirrel patrol they wil try to burn down the doghowse of justiss insted:

now dont wurry this is not my howse it is a howse down the street and ennyway the fire is akchooally not neerly as close as it luks heer is a pikcher of the fire frum my bakyard:

as yoo can see the fire is berning over the ridj akross the vallee in the mithical land of camp pendeltun ware the mareenz hang owt i think the ninja hedjhogs hav no ideea wot they ar gitting into if they think the mareenz ar going to let them burn down camp pendeltun so i ekspekt them to kwikly be rowted and there fire ekstingwishd and in enny case the wind is blowing to the northeest at the moment wich is pushing the fire away frum us howevr i wil keep evrywun posted ok bye

15 thoughts on “ummmmmmm

  1. Hey Dennis, Miss Mina here: Wow, those ninja hedgehogs must have had help from the mutant squirrels. Together ninja hedgehogs and mutant squirrels are pretty scary. Not that I’d be scared of them, of course.

    Glad you are safe and sound with the smoke going the other direction. Smoke is not fun to breathe – one time Celeste tried to breathe in the ashes from a fire and she sneezed a lot. I tried not to laugh (my minion was glaring at me).


  2. Aren’t marines, like, water soldiers? They should have some resources for fire extinction somewhere over there.


  3. Hello, nice to meet you! That looks like a big fire. I’m glad it wasn’t coming your way! Ninja hedgehogs and mutant squirrels? Crumbs, your neighbourhood sounds dangerous. Take care of youselves:) xxx


  4. We had those fires at Lejeune all the time too. They’d have to close down portions of the highway because the smoke was so thick. I wonder why they happen though. Apparently it’s not just limited to Lejeune.


  5. woah, Dennis, we read your most recent post first, and boy are we glad we did! at least we know that you all are safe at the doghouse of justiss!

    brown dog kisses,


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