ninja hedjhogs looze agin

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel as i ekspekted the mareenz hav triumfd over the ninja hedjhogs attempt to burn down camp pendeltun the fire is now seventy persent contaynd wich meenz that their is no chanse at all that it wil reech the doghowse of justiss so thanks to evrywun hoo wuz wurreed abowt us!!!

now that the thret frum the ninja hedjhog fire is eliminayted i can get to the reel poynt of this post wich is to giv yoo a peek at the inside of the doghowse of justiss as i menshund to goodbear erlier the smoking room may luk like a bordello but the rest of the doghowse of justiss is verry hi tek in fakt it yoozes teknolodjy licensd frum doctor who the time lord wot mayks it bigger on the inside than on the owtside verry cool huh???? ok lets begin with the top floor and wurk owr way down

this is the observatory ware we members of the skwirrel patrol keep an eye owt for evildoers or space invayders as yoo can see trixie is currently operayting the jiant telescope luking for aliens so far nun hav turnd up but we must be evr vidjilant becuz yoo nevr no wen wun mite appeer

on the flor below the observatory we hav the gift rapping room this is ware we prepayr presents for owr frends and allies in this pikcher yoo can see a number of dog fud cans wayting to be rappd on the bak cownter and hmmmm it appeerz that tucker has stolen a boks of halapeno popperz frum the cafeteerya and brawt it to the gift rapping room bad dog tucker!!!!

also on this floor is the niteclub ware members of the skwirrel patrol can come to unwind aftr a long day chaysing skwirrels or ninja hedjhogs or wotever heer we can see tucker and trixie getting down and funky with there bad selvs wow luk at trixie go shes a brick howse ha ha ok lets moov on

also on this floor is the swimming pul ware we can git a littel eksercize on those days wen we ar not busy sayving the wurld from the vast rodent konspiracy heer we can see dada in the pool doing the walk like an ejypshun thing hay dada yoo ar supposed to do that in the niteclub silly!!!!

mooving down into the baysment first we hav the bowling alley ware we can blow off sum steem by nocking down pins meenwile the lardj viddyo skreens keep us updayted as to wot is going on in the wurld as yoo can see tucker has thrown a gutter ball and — hay tucker is that a hello kitty bowling ball?!

also in the baysment is the shooting ranje wich as it terns owt wuz not such a gud investment as not only do we not hav enny guns but even if we did we dont hav thums to pull the triggerz oh wel at leest the mooving target thingies giv us sumthing to chayse

and finaly mooving down to the subbaysment we hav the enjin room this is ware the doghowse of justiss gits its power and also this is ware we operayt the spayse and time travel devices wot we licensd from doctor who as yoo can see i am heer operayting the masheenery wich is verry complikayted and hi tech and duznt luk like a bordello at all

wel i hope yoo hav enjoyd this toor of my crib i hope yoo wil come back to see sum of the other rooms wot i left off this toor but for now i hav to go becuz evil nevr tayks a vaykayshun unlike gud wich likes to spend a week or too in barbados evry now and then ha ha ok bye

13 thoughts on “ninja hedjhogs looze agin

  1. have you thought of inviting tom bergeron over to try out the dance floor?
    i would advise you to keep some things secret and NOT posting the floor plans. rodent web surfers and all…..


  2. You have an awesome doghouse! I hope Napoleon & Rukia can come visit someday..!! I think they particularly would be down with the dance floor as they love dancing.


  3. Oh I would likes to come help you wrap them dog food cans… Acktually if you letted me be quality control I would help get rid of the dog food cans what have dents in thems. No need to send less than perfect thangs to our friends right? Im willing to sacrifice my stomach for justiss! Delishuss justiss!


  4. haha I loves how you put in little extras Dennis for comforts like the hydrant in the dance floor and big pictures of you guys in the bowling alley.. wow that sure is a pretty neat doghouse!!
    I want Dr Who technology too!!! :(((



  5. Wow, Dennis, that is quite an impressive place! It’s good to have all the teknologee but also good places to wind down. Especially after fighting ninja hegjhogs! Thanks for the tour!

    Brown dog kisses,


  6. Dennis,

    That’s what I call a doggie palace. Wow!
    By the way…kudos to Trixie and her fabulous footwear. It isn’t easy getting around on two heels let alone dancing on four lol.


  7. hay denis,hay denis that iz the coolerest howse of justis i efer saw! i haf to git betterer so i can cum ther! ok anok
    pee ess
    Hi Dennis, I am very impressed with the House of Justice. I wouldn’t mind hanging out there myself. Love the pool!


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