4 thoughts on “One Year Ago Right Now III

  1. No Vizsla should go without a good home… Knowing the Vizsla’s we have it wouldn’t be safe for stray cats to have stray Vizslas, as for some reason all the Vizslas seem to love us cats which is as it should be, but they also want to wash us! Ick! 😦 No poor kitty should have to be covered in Vizsla drool, well that’s what I keep telling Misty the Vizsla when I see her, it takes ages to get my furs just right again! 😉



  2. We just keep thinking about how far you’ve come Dennis and can’t belive some idiot left you in the canyon. I hope fleas of a 1,000 camels infest their armpits for life!

    There’s no bad dogs ….. just people who suck at owning dogs.


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