a wood be infiltraytor

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i no i yoozually post dispatches frum my advenchoors with the arkeolodjy department on satterdays but i dont hav wun reddy this morning on akkownt of mama keeps hanging arownd the offiss asking dada to mayk bacon and eggs for her so i gess yoo wil hav to wayt for nekst week to see how me and tucker and trixie eskaypd frum the trash compaktor oooops i shud hav sed spoyler alert!!!!

ennyway i can show yoo how i kawt a lizzerd trying to infiltrayt the howse thru the lawndry dryer vent heer in this first pikcher the lizzerd is acting all nonshalant like its just hanging owt on the wall:

but now the trooth is reveeld as the lizard attempts to duck into the opening and mayk its way up to the dryer to steel owr lawndry!!!!!

forchoonatly the lawndry dryer vent has a screen to keep owt marawding lawndry steeling lizards such as this in yore fayse wood be lawndry steeling lizard!!!! later on the lizard wuz bak after a suksessful lawndry theeving operayshun elseware:

as yoo can see we can now positivly identify this kreecher as a loundj lizard so ennyway this just goez to show that you must always be vidjilant aginst the insidius lawndry steeling lizard lest it shud start waring yore leezhoor soots becuz wunse that happens yoo wil nevr be abel to get the smell of flies and other small insekts owt of the polyester ok bye

13 thoughts on “a wood be infiltraytor

  1. we have laundry thief lizards, too! i had a battle with one i found floating in the washing machine as i went to shut the lid! it wasn’t a good time for me….
    i tried tongs, pasta strainer, a variety of kitchen utensils. i don’t remember how i eventually got him out, but i do remember screaming and jumping alot…

    Dennis says: yoo see???? they ar evryware!!! this cud be a konspirasy almost as vast as the vastness of the vast rodent konspirasy!!!!


  2. Laughing so loud Tuffy gave me a dirty look and Cliff had to come look too (and laugh out loud). Hilarious stuff! Lounge lizard…hahahahahahaha. 😀


  3. Awww… I’ll bet all he wants is an invite to the night club in the “doghowse of Justiss” so he can get on that funky dance floor!


  4. I disagree with Twobarkingdogs: I’m the one in the time warp. When I saw the lizard’s blue suit, I thought of Peter Rabbit’s little velvet jacket in Beatrix Potter’s book, written in… lessee…1902.


  5. I’m glad he didn’t get any of your mama’s and dada’s laundry! I think he needs another suit, that one just isn’t him.

    Have you seen the giant blue tonguedlizard charlie Daniiels found in his yard???



  6. Woah, you got all kinds of critters down around your place, Dennis! I will go out (as soon as it stops raining, cuz rain is EVIL and makes little brown dogs MELT) and check our dryer vent for infiltratoors!


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