hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot i hav herd that my gud frends at two barking dogs hav nominayted me for a bloogers choice award i am not shoor wot sort of prizes ar involvd but if it is reely bloggers choice then i wood like a trucklode of bully stiks and a noo flux capasitor so i can fix the gofer broke hmmm maybe i can license doctor whos tardis teknology for the gofer broke too i wil hav to chek the EULA wot i agreed to wen i set up the doghowse of justiss but yoo no that no wun evr reeds those things ha ha

i hav orderd a bunch of tshirts and other murchandise to hand owt to all my supporters to enkooradj and remind evrywun to vote for me lets tayk a luk at an eksampel shirt

as yoo can see this is a fine hi kwality shirt that — wot the … hoo is pedro????  that sownds like wun of tuffys frends!!! hey all this stuf sez vote for pedro!!!!  the buttons and the bumper stickers and the posters and the mowsepads and the armbands and the pensills and the coasters and the keechayn fobs and the dog collars ar all rong!!!!! i am sending it all back!!!! oh well sorry i gess i dont hav enny swag to pass owt after all but pleez vote for me ennyway ok bye

17 thoughts on “nominayted!!!!

  1. Hey, Dennis, Chase is going to vote for you, but he had to sign up for an account first. I hope they hurry and send the confirmation so he can get his vote in soon enough.

    Dennis says: uh oh they mayk yoo sine up for an akkownt??? isnt this a violayshun of the voting rites act?!?!?!? i demand an investigayshun!!!! and a rekownt!!!! in advanse!!!! ok bye


  2. After a half hour of slogging through the information about voting for the best blog in your category, Chase discovered that you are supposed to have a “badge” link next to your blog so he can vote — what’s up with that? He’s pretty confused, but then he is still a puppy. Maybe you can straighten him out?

    Dennis says: oh jeez penni i am sorry that yoo spent so long just trying to vote for me!!!! i had dada add the badges but i dont think they mayk it enny eezier to vote hmmm i may hav to hav dada luk into this further he sez this sites redjistrayshun and voting process must be nonintooitiv wotever that meens ennyway i wil hav him report his findings wunse they ar reddy ok bye


  3. Sorry for the sign up confusion! Once you have a (free) account, you can vote for all kinds of blogs … but most of all Dennis!

    Dennis says: thanks twobarkingdogs!!!!


  4. Okay, Dennis, Chase thinks he voted for your blog as “Best Humor Blog” AND as “Best Animal Blog”. He may have nominated it as Best Animal Blog because that’s where he was looking for it. Chase is a Cardigan and his computer skills are pretty limited. His person is an attorney and obviously made things more complicated than they needed to be which is a hazard of the job.


  5. i hope you win this one dennis!!! now, if you can tell me where to vote it would be great….

    Dennis says: hello shadow hay i had dada chanj the badges to go to the spot ware yoo can vote for me i hope that helps!!!! ok bye


  6. We are going to go vote for yuou now. Roscoe wanted to vote for Pedro cuz he thought he was a chihuahua, but I told him Pedro was a boy who was not very popular until he started hanging out with a guy named Napoleon and Uncle Rico.


  7. hay denis! itz me. scooter. i haf been hi fer dayz now. not bad. but the pane in the nek suks! anywy, we r going to vote fer u. i want to hury an git beterer so i can haf sum venturs an cum to the howse of justis. ya know, sinz i am loaded i see sum coooool thingz. mom sed sumpthin bowt expandin mi mind…oooooooo looook buterfliz.
    ok anok gotta go, kinda dizzy.
    hi 5s
    Scooter(no bong yet…watz a bong?)


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