top secret dog park expozd

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel for sum time now we hav been heering roomers abowt a top secret dog park sumware neerby but misteeryusly nobody seemd to no ware it wuz or how to git their peepul hoo had been their sed they cudnt remember eksactly ware it wuz and other peepul hoo noo peepul hoo noo peepul hoo had been their had sum vayg ideea that it mite be in this spot or in that spot or maybe this other spot but stil nuthing definit but finaly dada fownd sum pikchers of it online and then yoozing sum secret hi tek spy teknolody calld googul maps he lukd all ovr the area until he saw sumthing from the satalite that resembuld the pikchers from the grownd so then we all piled in the car and went their and gess wot???  dada had fownd it!!!

the park wuz verry nice kind of smal but with menny trees and a nice walkway and a small artifishul pond wot wuz not verry deep and did not hav wayvs in it like the oshun duz

we had a gud time exploring the paths and bywayz of this secret dog park i even went in the water wunse or twice altho it wuz kind of an aksident becuz i leend ovr too far to git a drink and fell in but thats okay i got rite bak owt agin

wunse after gitting owt of the water i wuz the viktim of a cowardly drive by attak wich is sumthing that normaly happens in the mithical sitty of los anjeles but not heer if i evr find owt hoo it wuz wot did it they wil be sorry all rite!!!

it wuz a verry windy day as yoo can see by the way the reeds in the small marshy area wer blowing arownd but forchoonatly nuthing wuz on fire neerby for wunse

their wuz sum nice shayd to be had under the trees along side the marsh as wel as along the artifishul pond so we stayd their for a littel wile to rest we akchooally had to rest a kuple of times becuz tucker kept gitting tired

as i menshund it wuz kwite windy espeshaly along this ridj heer yoo can see me doing my famus impreshun of leo … leonard … of that kid doing his king of the wurld thing in the famus dokyoomentary moovie titanik

of korse my king of the wurld thing is better than his becuz i hav eerz wot fly in the wind

after we came down off the ridj we rested agin alongside the pond becuz tucker wuz tired agin fortchoonatly i wuz their to sit nekst to him and comfort him and mayk him feel bettr noing i wuz neerby

yes poor poor old man tucker i am heer to protekt yoo yoo shoor ar lucky yoo wer not the viktim of a drive by attak like i wuz!!!

wile we wer resting trixie sed she saw a see monster owt in the pond

i went to chek it owt and yoo no wot she wuz rit their wuz a see monster their!!!!! it lukd just like me only bakwards and underwater luking up at me it wuz verry scarry!!!! tucker sed it wuz just my relekshun but he is old and tired and confyoozd so wot duz he no ha ha

after we rested for a wile by the pond we hedded bak to the car and then suddenly owt of noware tucker had a berst of enerdjy he had evidently ben sayving it up the hole time we were their

darn it he is stil faster and more manooverabul then me i am going to hav to git me a pair of those running sneekers wot i hav seen on televizhun shhhh dont tell dada i am going to borrow his credit card ennyway after tucker wuz dun running sirkuls arownd me like a big showoff we continyood on to the car along the way we stopd to say hello to my littel frend i am not shoor wot his naym is but he came ovr a bunch of times wile we were their and then trixie wood get all flirty

wot a silly girl trixie is!!!!

on the way home trixie and tucker kept an eye owt the window so they can remember how to git to the park in kayse its reality distorshun feeld causes mama and dada to forgit the way

wel that wuz pretty much the end of owr day at the top secret dog park as yoo can see i wuz gud and tired after all those adventchoors and the nonstop running and the drive by attak and the skayr i got frum the see monster oh and as for the lokayshun of the top secret dog park wel i wood tell yoo but then i wood hav to kill yoo ha ha ok bye

24 thoughts on “top secret dog park expozd

  1. Coolios Dennis! (stoopid puter would not let us see the first video.) That is a neato park. I wish I could have gone with you. I am a very fast runner, but I would slow down for you *wink,wink,nudge,nudge* I hav seen the SAME monster you are talking about and it looked just like ME!(Though monster and Sunny in the same sentence does just not compute)
    We hope we can now use the puter now that the guru has left and is finished tinkering and talking to mom like she is an imbecile…..
    I am sposed to finally get my grooming today, so maybe mom will take pictures after looking like more like my gorgeous self rather than a woolybooger. Or the sasquatch or something!


  2. Well that dog park must be top secret is it in a place called area 51? I used to go to the dog park all the time, but mom doesn’t take me any more because some lady there got mad a her because I was a pit bull. Can you believe it? I was minding my own business and she just got mad at momma! She did that every time we went and she was there! Well momma said she didn’t want to “deal” with people who don’t understand that we are really very nice dogs and just think that we ar going to eat other dogs and people and cats and stuff. Maybe if we went to this secret park that lady wouldn’t be there to get momma mad?


  3. I’ll say the old man got his second wind. Tucker still has it! That’s a beautiful place. I noticed you had to leave your mark there. 🙂

    Dennis says: oh darn i wuz hoping nobody wood notis that …….


  4. hahaha Dennis you haz some excellent videos and piktures today!!
    WOW did you guyz have so much fun.. it made us havs fun by just watching in. Thank you for sharing it!
    I loved it when your ears were blowing I wish mine would! You are much more dashing than Leo.. anyways 😉
    You haz such a good Momma and Dadda and a tricky Dadda too, to go to that much trouble to find it :)You can see they both loves you very much :))
    Ohh thank you too for making Momma feel better.. I thinks that is why she is so scared-ed, in case it is infected and she does needs a dental procedure. but ifs shes alseep.. thank you Dennis!! 🙂



  5. THAT’S a dog park?! That’s amazing! I wish we had something like that here. I guess NJ is just too small =( Awesome pictures/videos. Maybe we’ll move to CA just for the doggy opportunities.


  6. Woohoo! Dennis! Sounds like you should try and get a job with the CIA … they could use a few good spy dogs!
    Your friend, Clover

    Denny Dude. What’s with the sea monster? Don’t you know you they disappear if you pee on them? I’m Chillin at the Lake where I’ve pee’d on a bunch of monsters today. Your friend, Coz


  7. Dennis that dawg wut got you in the driveby looks kinda like Tucker I thinks. Just in case mebbe you should report this outrageus insident to the dawg poleese. And also if they arrest Tucker then that means more toys and treats fer you ha ha. Just kidding. Well anyways it looks like you had funs at the park. I does not like leaving my house for no reason wut so ever so I will jest enjoy watching yer adventoors insted.


  8. Wow! That is a great place. I loved your videos. There was so much wind when you were up on that ridge that your ears were flapping in the breeze.

    I’m thinking that that drive by attack looked a little like Tucker! Have you talked to him about this? After all you have videographic proof.


  9. Woah, that’s one pawsome dog park! Way up here in BC, we just have dirt and sometimes grass and trees fenced off. Not really nice like that!

    Your flying ears are super! And The Girl likes you waaaay more than that Leo guy!

    Brown dog kisses,


  10. We second The Girl. I showed E.g. this entry, and she said, “Wow, do they charge admission to that place?” We were just amazed.


  11. dennis, this is such a great post. i wish i could take pickles and cody bear to the top secret dog park…but cody bear would have to fly on the plane and he gets a little queasy…

    you’ll have to have the fun without us.


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