i gess i showd that fire

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel dada has ben going owt all evening with his binokulars luking at the fire and for a wile he sed he cud see the fire lines and the fire enjines and the firepeepul fiting it but now the ridgeline is dark and he duznt see enny fire ennymore and the air is still pretty smoky but their is no glow to be seen so it luks like the firepeepul and the mareenz and the big playns hav wunse agin triumfd over the forces of stuff wot burns so a big thank yoo to them all oh and also i think it helpd that i markd up the bakyard with my claws ha ha ok bye

15 thoughts on “i gess i showd that fire

  1. Jim says: Turns out it’s not out yet — it’s actually doubled in size overnight to 3,000 acres according to the paper. But it seems to be burning away from us now. It merged with another fire that’s burning farther inland so it sounds like it’s heading north and east like last time. The super scoopers are going to be out again at first light and because we’re so close to the ocean they can just scoop and dump and scoop and dump. It’s expensive to live near the Southern California coast, but it does have its advantages!


  2. I’ve been watching it on the news and thinking of ya’ll. I think I heard once where there were some winds blowing from the north (or was that northern winds?) and I was worried. Yikes. Dig Dennis dig!


  3. Scary, Dennis. Of course, where there’s fire there’s sometimes grilled hotdogs too so maybe some of those marines might bring you a nice surprise.

    Dennis says: hello almostgotits dawter hay its funny yoo shud say that becuz wile they wer owtside watching the fire dada mayd hotdogs on his grill!!!! and did i git enny??? no!!!! it is an owtraydj i tell yoo …


  4. Yikes, Dennis, we been so worried about you today! On the news this morning before we left, it said the fire was getting bigger and I wanted to blog right away to let you know we are concentrating fierce hard on making the fire go away, but The Girl said we couldn’t cuz we were late, so now we’re finally blogging. Happy to hear that fire is heading away from you and the doghowse of justiss!

    Brown dog kisses,


  5. Oh thank goodness you guyz are ok!!
    Momma and I saw it on our Australia News last night.. well we iz not sure if it wox your one but it said 40 homes were lost and some peoples did not make it.. we was very scared…
    Poor peoplez and their homes, it would be devastating 😦


    Dennis says: hello victor yes those fires ar up north in the mithical lands of los anjeles and san bernardino forchoonatly no homes wer lost and no wun wuz hurt in the big fire neer us so we wer verry lucky ok bye


  6. Hey Dennis Mummy has been listening bout the fire thang on the news and also she readed bout it on the Interweb and she sed oh gosh Dozer that millitarry base place is kinda near where Dennis lives and mebbe he will have to leave his house. Well so I rushed over to yer blog to make sure you wuz here and yep you still is. I dont think it is fun to leave the house so Im glad you dont have to yet ennyways. And wut is up with Mummys and Daddys making delishuss foodies but not giving enny to their wunderful dawgs?? Them hot dawgs wuz ritefully yers theres a reason they call them hot DAWGS.


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