its baaaaack

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel that fire at camp pendelton wasnt so much owt as it wuz just resting and this time we ar having a santa ana event and the wind is not so much blowing away from the howse as it is blowing just slitely north of it dada cud see the smoke from his offis and wuz wurreed abowt us dogs and even trouble the kitty so he came home erly and wile he has ben heer the smoke has been gitting thicker and thicker the fire is burning a mile or too behind the mishun ware mama wurks but she is sayf rite now and wil be home soon

this is wot it lukd like owtside wen dada came home

it luks like a tornado duznt it???? yikes!!!

this is the smoke frum the fire blowing off to the west owt to see gud playse for it yoo just keep going that way smoke!!!

in this pikcher yoo can see too of the sooper skooper airplaynes gitting reddy to bomb the fire with oshun water yoo go sooper skoopers!!!! as yoo no i am not such a big fan of the oshun but if it can put owt the fire then that hole wayvs insident wil be forgivn

heer is viddyo of wun of the playns sirkling bak arownd after bombing the fire go go airplayn go get more water and come bak soon!!!!

this is the fire about fifteen minnits ago it seems to be gitting bigger more playns pleez!!!!

this is the fire rite now it luks closer than it is becuz their is so much smoke

heer is the smoke trail in the sky yoo can see it is starting to bend away from us as the wind is shifting more to the north yoo go wind north is a gud direkshun!!!!! wel i wil keep evrywun posted ok bye!!!!

10 thoughts on “its baaaaack

  1. Ohh dennis please be careful and do not leave it too late to get everyboddie out, that looks very bad!!
    Is it bush that is on fire or a structure? Dennis please be carefuls!!

    Your worried friend V-V

    Dennis says: hello victor yes it is a brush fire on camp pendelton it has not burnd enny howses yet altho peepul hav been evakyooayting frum it we ar keeping a close eye on it yoo betcha!!!! ok bye


  2. are you sure a neighbour hasn’t just burnt the meat on their barbeque????

    It certainly is a big fire. I saw on the news last night about a fire in california, maybe that’s the one, it said about 40 homes were destroyed, I hope you’s stay safe.


  3. Wow, have I been missing out on the news! When I did blogreading catch-up yesterday, I missed yours. This isn’t nearly as much fun as the Kong adventures. 😦


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