git bak to ware yoo wunse belongd

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk i hav wun sum sort of british lottry gud timing eh???  after all i hav a lardj loan owt for all the wurk on the doghowse of justiss plus firefiting bills!!!!

unforchoonatly becuz they ar british they ar trying to pay me in pretend munny calld pownds but i am trying to see if they wil send me dollars insted or fayling that perhaps they will send me an ekwivalent amownt in bully stiks ha ha ok bye

13 Comments on “git bak to ware yoo wunse belongd

  1. Dennis –

    We get these all da time in our momma’s box too, but momma won’t let us reply, says it’s bad for doggies, but we don’t know Y!

    M (Z is still sleeping)

    Dennis says: hello m wel i can tell yoo that i hav yet to see enny of the munny that all theez folks hav promisd me thats why i hav such a big loan owt for bilding the doghowse of justiss!!!! ok bye


  2. 😛

    IT question: why is it every time I try to go to a new window, it says “Firefox server cannot be found” or something like that?

    Dennis says: hello gina dada sez to ask yoo if firefox is telling yoo it cannot contact the server or the server at location wotever cannot be fownd or sumthing like that he also sed sum stuf abowt slow dns servers and rowters but i hav no ideea wot he is tawking abowt he is always babbling stuf like that ha ha ok bye


  3. Hai DENNIS!! I is Jake!! OMD’s! Yoo got more offers of monee? Dat is great! It cud get yoo more flyin disks!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  4. Why does Thunderbirsd always think money offers are junk???
    BTW I have just posted Flat Tony’s Fred Astaire experience.


  5. Dennis,

    Bully sticks are better than the pound. But…don’t hold your breath. I am still waiting for the millions promised to me if I would just put all that money in my bank for safe keeping.

    Dennis says: hello kathryn it is nice to see yoo agin!!!! yes i agree bully sticks are bettr than the pownd unless it is a pownd of bully sticks ha ha ok bye


  6. The server at _____ location cannot be found.

    Do you know what that means?

    Dennis says: hello gina dada sed i shood ask if this comes up rite away or if it tayks a wile and he also sed i shood ask if yoo hit the reload button in the browser if this makes the page come up and if so if it comes up rite away or if it tayks a wile he sez that for a wile wen owr internets wer reely slow we wood git this messadj and so he chaynjd his dns servers to sumthing calld opendns and the problem went away but he is not shoor yet if this is the saym problem yoo ar having i dont no that all sownds like jibbrish to me but evidently dada duz this sort of thing for a living wen he is not home failing to sell his buks to peepul ha ha ok bye


  7. Dennis! My mom keeps getting letters from widos who husbands died before they could do any thing with their millions of dollars and they want mom to do something with ti. But I don’t think mom writes them back so I guess we will never get millions of dollars.



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