wot duz ‘busted’ meen?

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hmm it appeerz that sumwun has hackd into my top secret sekyoority monitoring sistem wot i set up to catch ninja hedjhogs and other sabotoors as they reck the furnitcher and otherwise mess up the howse and now tucker sez ive been busted wot duz busted meen???

i dont see wot the big deel is this viddyo kleerly shows me defending myself frum the unprovoked attak of a monster wot wuz cleverly disgized as a pillow wot dada forgot to put away before he went to wurk way to be observant dada!!!!

ennyway heer i am innosently jumping up on the chayse loundj so i can watch dada drive away in his funny littel clown car

but wot is this?!?!? this pillow is trying kill me!!!!

kleely this is the alien wot i saw erlier returnd in a new disgize!!!! wel i wil show it wot marshal arts i hav lernd as a member of the skwirrel patrol!!!

flying four paw kick!!!!!

vizsla whiplash of doom!!!!!

oh jeepers the pillow monster is trying to smother me!!!!! wel i bet it is not prepayrd for this!!!!

yes its the reverse vizsla throwaway, followed by this!!!!!

the golden paw!!!!!!

ha ha!!!!  i bet in the fyoocher yoo wil think twice abowt messing with dennis the vizsla eh pillow monster?!?!

whew overcoming that pillow monster wuz hard wurk i think i wil go relax in the pool at the doghowse of justiss for a wile see yoo later ok bye

35 thoughts on “wot duz ‘busted’ meen?

  1. haha Dennis it is so funny to watch what you do when you think no one is looking!
    I saw that you showed that pillow good!!
    My Momma is sitting here with an open mouth, she does not understand that we must protect the homez!
    My Momma thinks your Momma and dadda must be so patient and caring coz my Momma would…. heheh



  2. Chase was so happy to see that you live with people who let you leap across the furniture. He and Kip and Inca do it at their house as well. They have very short legs though, so it’s not nearly as graceful.


  3. Hai Dennis, I is Jake! No wonders I hasnt seen pillow monsters yoo has gotten dem all! Yay!! I fink we may has sum treats at the doghowse of justiss wif yer name alls over em!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  4. Dennis, Man oh Man are you gonna get it when your people get home because now you are really in trouble and in case you didn’t know busted means locked up in jail behind bars in the crate I feel for you buddy but you are in big-giant-stink-o trouble and I know all about that believe me oh my goodness you better go hide .. the closet is a good place. Your friend, Clover.

    Denny, Dude! Its way more fun to use the pillow as a cushion when you want to nap. Coz.


  5. Dennis –

    Way to go on showing them who’s boss! We don’t have pillow monsturz here in our house, we have shoe and underwearz gobblinz that only come out when momma isn’t home! Can you believe that? Of all the luck they’re never around when anyone’s home so they can know we’re serious when we have to bring out our secret weapons of mass doggie destruction!


  6. uh, well, Dennis. It is me, Sunny. They have told you what busted means, as in the jig’s up, caught red pawed, someone may be going down the river….
    Now, if your people are, well, “slow” enough, you may be able to sell the idea that you were defending them(and yourself)from the pillow monster. I think that is probably unlkely. Then you go to the “poor, pitiful me” mode in which you give sad faces, sigh alot and “act” contrite and depressed. Under NO circumstance are you to wag your tail, jump, or act happy. This may help. Got it??? Good luck…


  7. hay denis,hay denis!! it iz cleer tu me whut happeneded. it wuz a pilow monstir!! i will vow- uh vou- uh tell them for u!!
    u wanna go to the big pardy in englund?? it is virtooal, whutever that meenz. mom sez. if u wanna go let me no an i wil tel u where tu go tu make rez uh res- uh a seet on the plane! eferybudy is viteded, but u haf tu let them no. so tel me an i wil tel u where tu go. ok anok
    hi 5s

    Dennis says: hello scooter its dennis the vizsla dog oooh how duz this wurk is it like teleportayshun or sumthing??? i cud yooze teknolojy like that in the krate — ummm that is the doghowe of justiss!!! ok bye


  8. In Dennis’s defense, his mom has been in parent-teacher conferences after school all week, so he’s been alone an extra hour or two in the afternoons.

    Jim says: Heyyyyy … I didn’t leave this message and I don’t think Dennis left this message. I think Dennis’s mom might be feeling a little guilty ……


  9. Wow, In my house you lay on the pillow and you get in trouble….it never dawned on me to KILL IT….but then I am a cat.


  10. But I still don’t understand. Why was there stuffing all over the living room carpet before the blue cushion attacked you?


  11. Dennis I hope those alien pillows don’t try and come over to my house cuz I get in enough trouble with the exploding blankets. Hey do you know where mom can buy blankees that don’t explode. Oh and way cool example of the Golden Paw Chop!


  12. You did a good job Dennis of killing that alien disguised as a pillow! I admire you! Keep up the good work! The Mum wants to know what kinda cool camera you have.

    Dennis says: hello tatum tot hay mama has a canon sd600 dijital elph camra wot is beeing yoozd for survaylens wunse i find it and choo it up she wont be abel to git this sekret viddyo of me ha ha ok bye


  13. Well that pillow monster putted up a good fight but it wuz no match fer yer sooper marshall arts and the Golden Paw. Sumtimes saving the world is a thankless job.


  14. Oh, Dennis! The Girl says she can see why this blog is called “Dennis’s Diary of Destruction”. I don’t know what she means by that. I think you did a pawsome job of overcoming the pillow monster!

    Brown dog kisses,


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