Flat Tony Goes To The Top Secret Dog Park

If you’ve been reading Tony’s Blog or his comments here, then you probably know that Flat Tony has been wanting to spend some more time with Dennis, Tucker, and Trixie. Today, Flat Tony came along with us to the top secret dog park. He thought it would be a great adventure, and boy, was he right.

Flat Tony hitched a ride in a bag full of dog supplies.
He wanted to ride in the back with Tucker, Trixie, and Dennis, but soon discovered that the view wasn’t so good from back there.
Suddenly, without warning, Flat Tony disappeared!
The horror! The horror!
It looked like the end for Flat Tony.
The enormity of the heinous crime left everyone stunned.
“Flat Tony, dancer, world explorer. A man barely alive. Gentlemen, we can rebuild him. We have the technology. We have the capability to build the world’s first bionic man. Flat Tony will be that man. Better than he was before. Better, stronger, faster, flatter.”
And a few inches taller, too!

21 thoughts on “Flat Tony Goes To The Top Secret Dog Park

  1. Dennis, Good thing your dadda knows how to make a bionic flat Tony otherwise you might be in big trouble! And not like the kitty either!


  2. LOLOL Dennis I like to eat things too! A Tony sounds very nommmy!
    I have not seen Flat Tony before but I really like this adventure, it even made Momma laugh with lots of noise ( which means I will get into less trouble)!

    Ohh thank you so much too for such great suggestions,and so very concise! I will have to get Momma to play around with them sometime this week. We very much appreciates it :))



  3. Oh Dennis, you’ll have to try not to eat Flat Tony again!

    We wanted to thank you for the good thoughts about The Roomie’s brother. It is amazing how much it helps to know that someone out there is thinking good thoughts.

    We’re catching up, but we haven’t heard anything about the fire down your way. We sure hope you guys are safe!

    Brown dog kisses,
    Dannan and The Girl


  4. Hilarious again!!! I love the picture with the three dogs and Trixie looking so funny at whichever of you two were driving. Adorable. “Burp”—-hahahahaha.


  5. I feel like I’m Little Red Riding Hood & Dennis is the Big Bad Wolf,
    “What big teeth you have Dennis”
    “All the better to eat you with”


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