bff gold card!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot my gud frends at a blog in the rough hav givn me another wun of those nifty gold cards!!!!

now as yoo may rekal the last time i got a gold card i tried to go shopping but ended up in the bowuls of the albakerkee prizzin sistem insted so i am not going to mayk that mistayk agin i can tell yoo!!! insted i am going to do my shopping online frum now on becuz as the famus filosofer sed on the internet nobody nos your a dog altho sinse i always say hello its dennis the vizsla dog i may be giving that informayshun away ha ha ok bye

14 thoughts on “bff gold card!!!

  1. very funny!
    i think someone has also registered you to vote in Ohio, NY, and Pennsylvania! 🙂

    So shop frequently – Vote often!
    Anything is simply – UnAmericaN!


  2. Drat, drat, drat! The Girl has been looking at people blogs, for pete’s sake! She always forgets to change from her to me… I wish I knew how to delete my comments!


  3. Hai Dennis! I is Jake!! Wif dat card yoo can get lots and lots of treats!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  4. Well Dennis, Roscoe likes to surf the web while mom is at work and buy stuff! You can get lots of chicken strips or bully sticks and new beds, and stuffed toys and well I guess the list is endless! Better get something for Trixie and Tucker so they get you Busted again.


  5. Well all right anuther card! I wuz jest thinking the dawghouse of justiss needs more stuff like a glow in the dark bowling ball. Oh Mummy is telling me that Hello Kitty one which you had wuz awesome enuff. But with a glow in the dark ball you can play even at night times. Besides kittys are mean even if they look cute like Hello Kitty then suddenly they turn on you like crazy beests and before you know it yer face is all scritched up and yer bowling average is in the gutter. With a glow in the dark ball you will not have such an unplesant suprise so I does urge you to buy one with yer new found wealth.

    Of course using yer new card to buy treats and a Kong ball and a frisbee toy goes without sayin so I wont mention them thangs.


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