veenus flytrap

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay mama and dada hav reesently brawt home a veenus flytrap now at first i thawt they wer tawking abowt the famus dj wot yoozd to be living on the air in cincinnati but no insted its this gross plant wot they supposedly are hoping will eet all the fliez in the kitchen heer yoo can see that it has alreddy kawt wun:

now wen yoo consider the fakt that they alreddy hav us dogs arownd to eet flies i think yoo wil agree with me that mama and dada hav an ult … ulteer … wel i think they hav anuther ajenda and that this is wot they ar sekretly hoping wil happen wunse the plant gits big enuf:

persunaly i think they dont no wot they ar messing with so if yoo heer that tucker has been eeten by a jiant plant just remember i tried to warn evrywun!!!! ok bye

25 thoughts on “veenus flytrap

  1. I knew when I saw the title it would be funny. You didn’t disappoint. Cliff came to see what I’m laughing at and said we need one.
    I was so afraid of those things when I was a kid.


  2. Dennis I think that you better keep a watch on old Tucker. You know he has those grey hair and prolly is not as good at the golden paw chop as you are! I think you could take out that green monster with a couple of those good moves. Let me know if you need some assistance on this matter….


  3. The Venus Fly Trap eating Dennis might be a good lesson in “Now you know how it feels” after the ‘Flat Tony in the back of the car’ incident 🙂


  4. Hey Dennis if that fly trap thang works pleeze tell me cause I am outnumbered by the flys here at my house and I jest cant manage to eat them all. This is one thang I would be willing to share is the job of catching flys. Also that plant is so uglee I dont think my Mummy would luv it very much.


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