taysts like chikken

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel it seems that more viddyo has surfasd from last weeks so calld orjy of destrukshun wot i am shoor yoo hav red abowt in all the paypers wel first let me just say that theez viddyos do not show the owrs and owrs ware i just sit kwietly lissening to the soothing myoozik wot puts mama to sleep and second yoo hav to put the viddyo in the proper contekst wich is how i sayvd the wurld ok so lets just confrunt this viddyo hed on heer it is:

now it may luk like i am just randomly chooing on peeses of the evil chayse lounj furnitcher wot i destroyd last yeer howevr the astoot vyooer will notis that this is in fakt the spot ware the alien pillo monster wot wuz my oponint in an epic battel had mayd its nest so wot is akchooally going on is i am mayking shoor that it did not lay enny egs in the remayns of the chayse lounj becuz as yoo no alien parasites offen do like to lay egs inside of other things so that just wen yoo think they ar gawn anuther wun pops up!!!!  wel i am happy to report that i fownd no egs in the chayse lounj and so the wurld is sayf ……… for a littel wile!!!!! ok bye

20 thoughts on “taysts like chikken

  1. Hey Dennis, you are doing a good job protecting the world. Some how a pillow monster egg got here to Tasmania & as you are aware Dixie put it to death. All I can say is Thank Dog for our canine protectors so we can sleep peacefully at night.


  2. I confronted the video head on 😀 and observed you are one busy, little fellow. I can’t imagine you EVER sitting quietly listening to soothing music.


  3. Dennis, you need to change the radio channel and put on some talk radio because I think that talking is much better to calm the nerves than music especially classical music which makes me want to chew on drywall and please don’t ever put on country and western music because then I will really get annoyed and start chewing on door frames AND WHATEVER YOU DO don’t put on one of those “soothing” music CDs with weather sounds like rain and stuff because that will make you really crazy. Ok. I’m going to go look for a recipe for dog cake that I can bake a file into because you’re going to need it to bust out of crate prison again. Your friend Clover.

    Woohoo! Dude better get ready for some solitary confinement because you are so busted AGAIN! Your friend, Cosmo.


  4. Hai Dennis!!! OHBOYOHBOYOHBOY!! Yoo saved da world again!! Dennis yoo is so kind! I hopes yoo ‘rents’ didnt get mad at yoo fer all dat, much?

    I is Jake!


  5. The sakrifises we must make fer justiss. This video clearly aquits you of any wrongdoing as I can see that you are obviously doing yer dootee in protekting yer house. Of course the media will spin it any old way to make you into a bad guy.


  6. Dennis, you are a WORLD CLASS destuffer! it is a lucky thing too, or you might not have done so well ridding the world of that awful pillow monster or checking for alien eggs! GOOD JOB!



  7. Woah Dennis that is a relief to know! That would be total chaos if there were eggs and they were allowed to hatch.. ahhh

    Momma thinks you iz so naughty coz you just love your Momma and Dadda so much that when they leaves you try and do stuffs to get back at them.. silly Mommas when will they learn…



  8. Dennis, you were very thorough in making sure that there were no evil alien pillow eggs in that chaise lounge. I hope your people appreciate all that you do to keep them safe.


  9. That was some good alien killin’ Dennis! I know Nana’s Vizsla’s have saved her from alien invasion many times over the years too. It’s funny how aliens like houses with purrty Vizslas in ’em?! 😉


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