animal plannit sez hello

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot??? i got an email from animal plannit dijital meedia saying how much they like my diry of destrukshun isnt that neet??? i gess wurd of my derring doo has mayd it all the way to there hedkwarters in the mithical sitty of silver springs maryland ennyway the nice lady frum animal plannit dijital meedia wanted me to let evrywun no that vizsla dogs such as myself wil be feetcherd on the famus dokyoomentry televizhun show dogs 101 tomorrow so be shoor to watch it unfortchoonatly i wil not be apeering on the show myself becuz of a skedjooling conflikt but yoo no how that goze wen yoo ar a selebritty such as myself

animal plannit is of korse the home of such famus dokyoomentreez as its me or the dog wot is abowt peepul hoo ar on the verdj of gitting rid of there hyooman companyuns becuz of korse yoo no they are not going to git rid of there dogs and also wurlds ugleeest dog wich is abowt my brother tucker ha ha no im just kidding tucker is ackchooally on wurlds winiest dog

animal plannit wuz also the home of the famus epik meerkat manner wich wunse gest starrd mama and dada:

as my gud frend twobarkingdogs has poynted owt the meerkats luk verry much like ninja hedjhogs and there burlger type masks mayk them luk verry suspishus howevr dada ashoors me that meerkats ar in fakt sum sort of weezel wich im not shoor is reely verry diffrent frum a ninja hedjhog i will hav to investigayt this socalld meerkat manner further and find owt eksaktly wot they ar up to and why mama and dada wer kavorting with them

ennyway i am shoor this is only the first step toward me getting my verry own televizhun dokyoomentry seereez in order to mayk this eezeer on animal plannit i hav alreddy begun wurking on my own promoshunal mateeryul heer is an eksampel:

dada sez deproovment duznt reely meen ennything but i think its a perfektly cromulent wurd wot duz dada no ennyway its not like hes a writer or sumthing ha ha ennyway keep an eye owt for my show im shoor it wil be coming soon!!!!! ok bye

16 thoughts on “animal plannit sez hello

  1. Woohoo! I always knew you were a star! Oh, and don’t those Meerkats(sp?) look a lot like Ninja Hedgehogs?

    Dennis says: hello twobarkingdogs hay yes they doo luk like ninja hedjhogs espeshly with those masks wot they yooze to hide there identiteez howevr dada shoors me they are akchooally sum sort of weezel wich i am not reely shoor if that is better ha ha ok bye


  2. Oh dear Dennis Roscoe is going to be sooo jealous! He really wanted to get to Hollywood, maybe you can create sometime of small role for him in your feature film!


  3. Wow Dennis that is pretty something you IZ a big celeb ifs you wos contacted by the animal paparazzi!!! I iz a little awestruck!
    I like your new pilot and I thinks de-provement iz a word, I mean it’s not like we do not know what it means or anything… hey we can re-write the dictionary I means the Americans did with their phonetics!1 hehe



  4. Hai Dennis!! Wow yoo is goin to bee famous! Dennis yoo has a magnet a uh huge ummm a BIG personality, yoo is goin to be BIG!!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::


  5. Dennis. Mom tuk me to pet stor to git u a bully stik. Y U want that? skeered me til mom peed on da flore. It wazzint me. i swear.

    Dennis says: oh hello gosh i am so sorry that yore mom got so scard at the pet store!!! wel the pet store can be a scarry playse if yoo ar not yoozd to all the animalz and wotnot so i ges i understand but she has to be brayv so that she can buy yoo bully stiks and wotnot oh and if yoo cud email me my bully stik i wood reely apreshiayt it ok bye


  6. Dennis, Chase wants to know if you have an agent yet? His Agent, Sherri, makes sure that everyone looks at him and takes pictures and all that stuff. Agents do everything your mama and dada don’t have time to do to make you a media star.

    Dennis says: hello penni its dennis the vizsla dog hay i do not hav an ajent yet i know dada yoozd to hav wun for his buks but they nevr sold ennything for him so i probly dont want him manajing my shoor to be meteeoric kareer so hav yore peepul call me peepul and well tawk ha ha ok bye


  7. I can barely wait for the first installment of your new series! Do I see an “Emmy” in your future? Congrats on the Animal Planet thing. Sometimes I think James is FROM another planet!


  8. Well dang Dennis thats cool cool cool I doesnt know how to watch TV at all but Daddy luvs to watch it a lot so heres hoping you get on it sumday and mebbe I will hear you bark. Mummy likes to say ‘last to post remembered most’ so I waited till now to post cause I figger when you become rich and famus mebbe you will remember me and give me a swanky position like Official Treat Fetcher cause I like treats and I can fetch tho I cant guarantee yer treats will always make it to you ha ha. Jest kidding no seeriously hire me. Yer pal Dozer.


  9. Home Deprovement, cool. Hey I have an idea, what about casting Tucker as a neighbour over the fence who only ever shows the top of his head & his eyes & have Trixie to always say “I don’t think so Dennis” to your wacky ideas.


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