going ballistic

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i am sorry to wunse agin miss a satterday matinay but my department sekreterry aka dada is busy wunse agin taking trouble the kitty to the vet for a rooteen checkup and maybe to find owt why she keeps trying to tayk ovr the wurld and so he has not had time to prepayr my laytest dispatch for yoo i wood dok his salry if he got wun ha ha

wel ennyway as yoo no i hav ben trayning mama on how to play flyball and she finaly has gottin gud enuf at it to gradjooayt to the big time chek it owt:

yes thats rite i am now a member of the ballistic racers and yoo no wot that meens yes thats rite i get to ride in the car in owr big rayse aginst the scorpions in the los angeles river and — wot??? oh dada sez thats akchooally the plot of the famus dokyoomentry grease wel ennyway i am shoor their will be menny eksiting rayses coming up even if we arnt driving arownd in the river bed and just remember grease is the wurd ha ha ok bye

18 thoughts on “going ballistic

  1. You learneded flyball?! Omigosh how much fun is that gonna be? You is so lucky Dennis. I tried to learn agility when I wuz little but it didnt work out. Them tunnel thangs wuz just too small fer me and they wuz curved around what wuz that about? Well when I runned thru them I straitened them out and finally Mummy sed oh dear I jest dont think this is the sport fer you Dozer. But she never thinked about flyball never. Oh gosh you is gonna have fun and I am a little jellus now. You are gonna win awards fer playing with tennis balls thats jest crazy!!


  2. Hi Dennis, what a clever and athletic dog you must be! I’ve thought about FlyBall with Jessie but the class is too far away. I’m sure she’d be great at it though cause her focus and concentration is magnificent. You look like a very thoughtful and intelligent Vizsla by the way. Or is it just the hat? Greetings from England.


  3. Congratulations Dennis to you & your Mama. Does she run to the thing at the end & pushes on the board with her feet then get the ball in her mouth then run & bring it back to you like I saw it on TV????


  4. Dennis,
    I learned so much about vizslas on Dogs 101. You have cat-like feet and move graceful and cat-like and you rarely smell bad…except for the skunk incidents.


  5. Well congratulations of the flyball certificate of outstanding achievement. Thats cool you get a certificate for chasing a ball. I wish that I could get a certifcate for all my kong balls. Anyhow how is Trouble the kitty? Hope he is not sick or anything like that as it would hamper his goal of world domination.


  6. Congratulations Dennis and Kelly! I was thinking you’ve been well named Dennis, it is never good to be competing in serious things and have your handler yell out “PeeWee” or “Fluffy”. And Denis looks much better on your certificate! No offence PeeWee and Fluffy.


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