hypnodisk folleez

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel as yoo no i resently recuvrd my hypnotic flying disk from trouble the soopervillin kitty and i hav ben putting it to its orijinal intended yoose of chaysing it arownd the bakyard:

Throw it throw throw it!!!

hey help the hypnotic disk is attacking me!!!!!

Where did everybody go?

forchoonatly my marshal arts trayning has tawt me how to navigayt by sownd and not just site

Radar Ear: Extended

whew that wuz close!!!!

oh for gudness sayk dada i am running bak and forth akross the yard bringing yoo bak this stoopid disk and yoo cant walk three feet to pik it up???? how lazy ar yoo???

i think i’ll bring it to mama insted she wont be so fussy abowt ware i put it

Hi mom!

hay mama yoo ar gitting verry verry sleepy now giv me lots of liverwurst!!!! mama? mama? giv me liverwust mama! hmm this darn hypnotic disk duznt wurk at all

hay gess wot for halloween this yeer i am going as a vampire!!!!

wot do yoo think pretty scarry huh????? but not as scarry as charlee broosters vampire girlfrend amy in the famus dokyoomentry fright night but forchoonatly shes not arownd to git me ha ha hay wot is that owt in the hallway????

aiiiiieeeeee its amy the scarry vampire girl!!!!! run away!!!!!!

15 thoughts on “hypnodisk folleez

  1. You could be a hound from hell Dennis! Haha how bad is your Dadda making you go that tiny bit extra.. geez Louise!!I loved it how you went AWW in the last one.. you tell him Dennis!
    You iz like speedy Gonzales with tha thing and they want more??? 😛



  2. Dennis! If you ate liverwurst you would explode. Really. It would be very smelly and not at all nice. I know. Your, friend Clover


  3. Denny! Dude! You are one quick dog … but can you do that in the water? Can, ya? Huh? Oh, and Clover is right about liverwurst. Best to listen to her, dude, last thing you want to do is explode.
    Your “water” retrieving friend, Coz


  4. hay denis hay denis! u shur kin run fasterest!!mi mom sed thoz wer grate acshun picshurs. whutefer that meenz. sorree u dint git yur liverererwursterest. whut iz liverererwursterest?? ok anok. i haf tu go now.
    Hi 5s


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