me vs the tennis bal of deth

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel as yoo may hav herd i met up with my noo frends joey and kealani at the fabeld top seekret dog park now joey and kealani alreddy noo abowt it so i didnt hav to eet them to protekt the seekret like i did with flat tony even tho dada spoyld my efort then by reassembling him dada wil be sorry wen flat tony blabs to the press abowt ware the top seekret dog park can be fownd!!!! wel ennyway we had a gud time playing with joey and kealani and the other dogs at the park

we had a gud time playing keep away arownd the shrub or wotever it is

littel kealani had a crush on tucker

hay kealani i am the star of this blog not tucker ware ar my shoogars??? besides tucker is way too old for yoo!!! wel ennyway we had a pretty gud time until we stumbeld across wot appeerd to be just a regular chuckit tennis bal wot had ben abandond by its owner:

but soon its troo naytcher wuz reveeld — yes it wuz the ledjenderry tennis bal of deth wot tries to loor dogs owt into the water so that it can pull them underwater and eet them!!!!

as yoo can see dada wuz compleetly oblivius to the daynjer and just kept enkooradjing me to swim owt and bekum the tennis bal of deths laytest meel this is becuz dada is not ekspeerensd with the danjers of the wurld like i am!!!

being the intrepid adventchoorer wot i am i continyood to try to retreev the tennis bal despite faysing sertin deth in the depths of the pond until finaly dada lost his nerv and calld me bak way to krak under pressher dada!!!!

eventchooaly the kraken skwid monster thing bekaym desperat becuz of its inability to ketch me and then it mayd the fatal mistayk of mooving its tennis bal loor too klose to shore enaybling me to snatch it sayfly frum the water becuz as yoo no i am dennis the vizsla and i nevr giv up

oh wayt that is wot i say after my satterday matinay posts woops wot i ment to say wuz ok bye

26 thoughts on “me vs the tennis bal of deth

  1. Ok, This is seriously the cutest and funniest thing I have ever seen! And the picture of the tennis ball monster underwater. I just dont know how you come up with this stuff! We sure had fun with you and your pack yesterday! See you soon! Hugs, Valerie Joey and Kealani


  2. hahahhaha Dennis I love seeing your adventures at the top secret dog park!!! You all look like you is having so much fun and it warms the Momma and I’s heart to see how much your Momma and Dadda care for you and look after you! 🙂

    You know Dennis, swimming is very good for you specially woofies, Mommas Mom and dad used to have greyhounds and their trainers would take them swimming all the time.. I can imagine it would be scary at first though, till you learnt your doggie paddle 🙂
    Thankyou for the good morning smilies@@ 🙂



  3. Ha ha Dennis you swims JUST LIKE ME! My dawg paddle is very splashy and lots of work and I dont go very far fer all that work. One times I went a little too far out in the water and Old Lady Dawg camed with me and I getted tired so I jest rested on her and she went under the water and then Mummy was shouting and Daddy had to come out and get us both. You are cleerly much braver than me and also smarter I suppose cause you did not go too far out and you getted that awesome ball!


  4. Hai Dennis! Boy yoo sure did try to not get in the water, I know how dat is! I hate baths, yoo know dat though, acuz yoo saw my ‘barressin piccys Friday.


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    Wait, why am I ‘cited bout baths??

    I is Jake!


  5. Dennis, we think you are very smart to have noticed that there was a scary monster attached to that ball and stayed away. However from watching the videos we also think that you might want to take some swimming lessons. You never know when they might come in handy on opne of your many advetures!


  6. Evil kraken creature notwithstanding, I’m afraid we’re on to you, Dennis. I “swam” the same way when I was a kid, one foot always on the bottom of the pool, and for some reason my parents always could tell I was cheating, too.

    Great way to elaborately diagram your “dilemma,” though. You and my 12 year old should go into business together…


  7. Mom says watching you “swim” made her think of making a caption(like on lol cats)
    You’re Doing It Wrong
    LOL LOL You could get some floaties for your front legs like little humans use! SOMETHING. The flailing about was kinda funny-at he same time tho, mom wondered if you were going to have a heart attack!!
    Be careful Dennis!!


  8. Oh Dennis!!!! I just watched your swimming – I thought you were so good to go into the water voluntarily by yourself at least! OK, I have to admit – your flailing technique did give me the giggles a bit – not so much when you were in the water but in the last video when you were still on land at the edge and flailing your paws around already – ha! ha! ha! 😆

    But – eeek! – I never knew about the monster in the water!! That is terrifying! Now I’ll be even MORE scared of getting in! I must tell my stupid humans – they’re always encouraging me like your Dada…

    Honey the Great Dane


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