sertifikat of appreesheeayshun

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay luk at this luvly sertifikat wot i got frum my gud frend tony:

as yoo can see this is a sertifikat of appreesheeayshun for the gud time wot we showd flat tony wile he wuz heer he got to swim with the fishes and he visited trouble in her soopervillin lair to tawk her owt of her evil wayz and he went dansing at the fred astare stoodio with mama and dada and of korse their wuz that littel insident on the way to the top seekret dog park but hay if i let flat tony no how to git their then it woodnt be a seekret ennymore wood it???  ennyway we had a lot of fun with owr littel flat frend and we hope yoo enjoyd reeding all abowt his adventchoors

as yoo can see i hav added a trofee room onto the doghowse of justiss to store my awards and sertifikats and let me tel yoo it is not eezy keeping all that wud polishd and shinee i hav had to hire a janitter from a temp ajentsee to keep up with it all and of korse sinse i hav so much top seekret ekwipment heer in the doghowse of justiss the janitter had to be fully vetted and demonstrayted not to be a ninja hedjhog or other rodent konspirator

hay janitter yoo missd a spot ovr by the window!!!! ha ha ok bye

13 thoughts on “sertifikat of appreesheeayshun

  1. Hmmm Dennis taht is a very cool certificate, however you might want to be careful about the screening your temp agency does on their employees.


  2. Dennis do you not think a Trophy room is a little full of yourself?
    Maybee you should keep your janitor… they look very professional and trust worthy.
    IT is nice to be appreciated by a certifiCAT though!! 🙂




  3. Hai Dennis, dat janitor does not look trust worthy to me. Has yoo sniffed them to see if they is legit? I wud do it fer ya if yoo like?


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  4. You deserve the award Dennis, but only because your Dada rebuilt Flat Tony.
    Did the janitor vetting include nootering???
    Awesome extension to the Doghouse of Justice by the way


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