that wuz a close wun mama!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel it has ben a wile sinse i hav gawn thru dadas boks of old pikchers so i thawt i wood do a littel more rummadjing and heer is wot i fownd all i can say is that mama is lucky to be alive today!!!!

oh luk mama is playing with wot appeerz to be the hapless dog puppet wot i saw in sum erlier pikchers!!!

but hmm it luks to me as if the dog puppet is not so hapless after all in fakt it luks like it is attacking mama!!!

why is that hapless dog puppet so intent on attacking mama???

aha the trooth is reveeld — the hapless dog puppet is in fakt a vampire wot needs to git barkd at!!!  bark at the vampire littel wite dog!!!!  dont let it get my grammy!!!! gosh i wil be glad wen halloween week is over and all the monsters go away for another yeer ok bye

22 Comments on “that wuz a close wun mama!!!

  1. You do seem to be encountering a lot of moster dogs this week Dennis. I think Halloween is getting to you. 🙂


  2. Did mom end up getting pushed in the pool? and what happened to that pool?

    Jim says: The pool was back in New York. It arrived in 1982, the same year that Miss Marple (the little vampire dog) did, and it died of an aneurysm in 1997, a month before Miss Marple went to her reward.


  3. Akutlly Dennis in the 2nd photo we thinks it is some interspecies lovin doing on.. eewwwww

    anyways, how can a sausage with legs bes a vampires, we must be able to smooze and allure our victims… he would only tempt the hungry ones looking for a little sausage! 🙂



  4. Your Mama is lucky she didn’t get her throat ripped out by Vampire Weener Dog

    Dennis says: thats just wot i thawt!!!!!


  5. Mom says dat she likes vampires. I looks at her like she is crazy acuz she named my boy after one from Queen of the Damned (why wud a queen be damned anyway). So now my poor boy has to hear “did yoo get named after the lizard, the island or the aircraft?” and he has to answer no a vampire!


  6. I’ve never heard of this breed…vampire weiner dog! I bet he tastes good grilled, though.

    Dennis, you get the firepit, I’ll bring the spit.


  7. Hi!Dennis so you don’t have idea that your mama is still alive. Can you please tell your Dada that the monkey in the park was a private pet. It was brought there to have some fresh air I think.


  8. Hi!Dennis so you don’t have idea that your mama is still alive. Can you please tell your Dada that the monkey in the park was a private pet. It was brought there to have some fresh air I think.Thank you..


  9. Well maybe your momma likes vampires since your dadda does? And that is the first vampire I have seen dressed as a wiener dog for halloween!


  10. Omigosh Im more skared of that swimmin pool than that little dawg thang. I doesnt like to swim much. Also Mummy readed sumwhere that swimmin pools kill more peoples than dawgs do. Yikes I cant beleeve yer Mummy is sittin so close to that swimmin pool!

    PS But I also shares yer disgust with the dawg thang. Strange dawgs must keep their paws off our Mummys!


  11. Hi Dennis,
    That little white anti-vampire dog is in fact your late cousin Katie, and I’m sure she barked at the vampire dog on many occasions. She liked to swim in the pool, too.

    Dennis says: gud girl littel kuzzin katie way to sayv mama and grammy!!!! ok bye


  12. Woof Dennis,

    Holy Puppy Poop!!! Vampire pups. The world has gone mad. Bring those vampires out and we’ll use them to fight the mountain lions.

    Desert Pups


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