giv me my identity bak!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i wuz owt on the internets today and luk at this ad wot i came across:

now i no wot yoo ar thinking yoo ar thinking hay dennis that is not yoo becuz yoo ar a handum vizsla dog wareas that is just sum fella with a beerd and a mustash and a consernd ekspreshun on his fayse to wich i say yoo ar shoor rite its not me!!!  do yoo no wot this meenz???  obviusly sumwun has stolen my identity!!!  no wunder i hav yet to reeseev enny munny from all thoze jenerus african bankers it is probly all beeing misdirekted to other peepul!!!  i gess i wil hav to go sine up for wun of thoze credit monitring servises now ennyway i am fortchoonat enuf to hav inshooranse so i am hoping that we wil nevr hav to see an ad wot luks like this:

of korse i dont aktchooally hav enny assets wot they cud lokayt as i hav verry kleverly put evrything in mama and dadas nayms so gud luk to my creditters trying to find my loot ha ha in yore fayse creditters!!! ok bye

23 thoughts on “giv me my identity bak!!!

  1. Hmmm. Dennis you don’t look bankrupt! maybe you shouldn’t have added on that trophy room in the dog house of justiss considering the economy and all.


  2. Dennis if you go bankrupt you must hide yer toys bones treats and other asets under the bed so they cant repo them. The only bad part of that is that then you must go find yer Mummy or Daddy to help you get the asets out frum under the bed when you want to play with them.


  3. Hai Dennis! Ummm not a single other dog cud steal yer id! Yoo has the doghowse of justiss on yer side to catch em if they did!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  4. haha Dennis that is funny!! I would get on that though, how dare someone pretend to be you??!@ and doing a woeful job at it mind you!
    ON a very serious note, there has to be something wrong in America when a person can go out and buy a huge expensive car or house or something that they do not NEED easily and the basics like groceries, medicines and health care are beyond a lot fo peoples reach… we do not understand here ….
    I am very glad that you haz insurance, just amke sure it is one that WILL pay up 😛 hehe



  5. Oh my goodness Dennis, thank God your identity wasn’t stolen. We were so scared. We too have all our assets put in Mommy’s name. She doesn’t know it though so please to be quiet – shhhh…


  6. Dennis, I can totally understand how this happens! My Clover gets credit card applications in the mail all the time.


  7. Woah. I never thought about someone stealing my identity! Dennis, thanks for bringing this issue out so that we’d all be careful. I will watch very carefully so this doesn’t happen to me!

    Brown dog kisses,


  8. hay denis hay denis! ok anok. so heer iz a kwestshun. whut iz a asset? i no whut a ass iz. a donkee 😉 so duz this meen assetz r babee donkeez? ware du u keep em? ok anok. lemmee no if i am rite. sowndz rite tu me.
    hi 5s


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