happy halloweenee!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel tooday is halloweenee and yoo no wot that meenz:

yes thats rite evidently mama and dada and auntie think its funny to dress up an ex con like a prizzoner for halloweenee ha ha verry funny mama and dada why dont yoo both go to wurk and leev me alone with the furnitcher for a wile???

well ennyway leeving aside the hyoomans and there krool jokes heer is sumthing wot yoo may not no abowt halloweenee wich is that it was kreayted to selebrayt my brother tuckers birthday and thats why children go arownd begging for treets frum straynjers on halloweenee becuz that is eksaktly wot tucker duz evry day of his life ha ha and did i menshun that tucker is ten yeerz old today???  happy birthday tucker i hope yoo git gud presents!!!

wow tucker yoo shoor ar a geezer and wun of theez days i wil be abel to owtrun yoo at the dog park yoo just wayt!!! but tooday sinse its yore birthday i wil stil let yoo beet me ha ha ok bye

26 thoughts on “happy halloweenee!

  1. Happy Birthday Tucker! Happy Halloween! I can’t wait till the kid beans drop sumfin! OHBOYOHBOYOHBOY!!

    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  2. You are very cute, Dennis. But humans! Sometimes I think it’s a really good thing they have us to train them out of some of these silly ideas!



  3. Well at least yer outfit is only a costoom… I hopes… Well if yer Mummy and Daddy dont take it off after tonite then I think you might be in troubles Dennis. PS happy birfday Tucker!


  4. oh wow!! MEGA HAPPY BIRTHDAY TUCKER!! and a manz after my own heart.. I like food…
    And what a day to celebrating it.. I would be thinking everyboddie was begging for foods in celebration of me too!!
    Hope you all have a Happy and fun Halloween!! 🙂



  5. Happy birthday, Tucker! Happy Hallowe’en, everybody!
    Julie the Foxhound dropped by last night, in a sweet satin devil’s costume, and I gave her a sandwich container full of liver-parmesan biscuits. I would hand them out to youse guys too, but it’s a bit of a walkies to my place.


  6. Happy Birthday Tucker! Cosmo turns 3 on Monday! Woohoo! Let’s bake a cake with a file in it so Dennis can bust out of jail.


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