The Great Meerkat Elevator

My graduate student Mutt and I are getting closer to our goal of finding the top secret hidden Kingdom of the Gophers. Unfortunately, the map we obtained led us to the Kingdom of the Meerkats instead; but as it turns out, there is no love lost between the gophers and the meerkats, and so the meerkats are more than happy to help us in our quest.

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naybor dog reveeld!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay wel thanks to the timely appeeranse of a top seekret informant in the naybor dogs howsehold i hav obtaynd orijinal undoktord pikchers of the kreecher wot is nown to sum as a saint bernard dog naymd grace so heer ar the pikchers!!!! prepayr to be horrified!!!!

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happy tanksgiving!!!!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i just wanted to wish evrybuddy a happy tanksgiving this is my secund tanksgiving heer in my new howse with mama and dada and trixie and tucker and trouble and wile last yeer i didnt kwite git the hole tanksgiving thing this yeer i no wot tanksgiving is reely abowt it is abowt gitting together with yore luvd wuns and driving arownd in hevvy artilry

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naybor dog???

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay yoo mite wunder why i am wispering agin wel it is becuz trixie sez mama and dadas gud frends nown as the naybors hav gottin a noo dog frum a reskew organizayshun trixie is not verry happy abowt this becuz she sez that the naybors yard is her other yard and the naybors ar her emerjensy backup peepul and so she duznt reely want their to be a dog living their and so i am wispering so that trixie duznt no i am telling yoo all abowt this other dog ennyway trixie droo me a pikcher of this other dog so i wil recognize her and be able to bark at her and run the fense if i see her heer is the pikcher:

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The “Dog-Shaped Hole” Song

So here’s a little ditty that, unlike most of the tunes I serenade (read: torture) the animals with, cannot be sung to the cat. (Well, I guess it could, but it would lose a little something if “dog” were changed to “cat”.)

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hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i got anuther award this week and plus a confyoozd reeder gayv an award to dada insted of me but ha ha thats okay alyson i forgiv yoo this time ennyway heer is the award wot i got:

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The Kingdom of the Gophers

Now that I have finally returned to the Archeology Department after my long sojourn in deep space, I am at last able to return to my primary mission of ferreting out ancient secrets and uncovering hidden civilizations. My first task upon my return is to resume my long-idle quest to find the subterranean kingdom of the gophers, accompanied by my new graduate student assistant, a young tough named, appropriately enough, Mutt.

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Vizsla Rescue Food Storage Needed

Vizsla Rescue of Southern California is looking for someone who can store a pallet of donated dog food, anywhere between Long Beach and San Diego.  The dog food is arriving on Wednesday, November 26.  If you have the space and would like to help out, please leave a comment and I’ll put you in touch with the vizsla rescue coordinator.  Thanks!

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay dada left this messadj opin so this is a seekret kommyoonikay for enny dogs owt their wot i am thinking is we impersunayt a hyooman and agree to tayk delivry of and store the pallit of fud and
then wen the peepul ar gawn we can eet all the fud owrselvs as yoo no i am a master of disgize and so this plan is foolpruf!!!!  shh dont tel dada ha ha ok bye

The Purloined Breakfast

Hello good readers, this is Tucker the Vizsla. Recently, scurrilous notes have appeared, anonymously of course, suggesting that I stole Dennis’s breakfast. But does this claim really hold up under scrutiny? Let’s examine the facts. Come, Trixie! The game’s afoot!

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Choose Your Chiropractor Carefully


Hello stuffie friends. My name is Spotted Giraffe, and I am here with a public service announcement about choosing a chiropractor to keep your spine in proper working order.

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