Revenge of the Pup-I

While trying to escape from the prison section of the Death Spud, Trixie, Tucker, and I accidentally crossed paths with our evil captor Potato Puff Tarkin and his even more evil henchman Darth Tater, formerly captain of the Space Spud. With Spudtroopers coming up the hallway behind us, there seems to be no way to escape, unless we can work a miracle …

The situation looks hopeless, but suddenly Trixie removes her Spudtrooper disguise to reveal the brown cloak of a Pup-I knight:

Incredibly, this Pup-I mind trick works on the evidently weak-willed Potato Puff Tarkin; but Darth Tater, himself a highly trained warrior, resists.

Darth Tater’s influence helps Tarkin to break free of Trixie’s powers of suggestion, returning him to his original purpose.

This can only end one way: We will have to fight our way out!

The fight is long and arduous, spilling out into the gleaming corridors of the Death Spud; and in the end, there can only be one left standing.

His hired muscle eliminated, Tarkin is quickly revealed as the coward he has always been.

The craven Tarkin takes us back to our shuttle and permits us to leave unmolested.

We may still be lost in the depths of space, but at least we are finally rid of the menace of Darth Tater; now all we need to do is find our way back home. I have no doubt that we will succeed, because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

9 thoughts on “Revenge of the Pup-I

  1. Oh Dennis, phew! That was a close call. Fortunaely Trixie seems to be quie good with that light saber. Hopefully you won’t get lost in some worm hole or something once again!


  2. Hmm. I think you need a Mobile Potato French Frying Machine. I bet mom and dad would loan you some money if you promised to stop rearranging the furniture!


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