18 thoughts on “Overheard Around The Doghouse of Justice

  1. And once again superior kitties intellect!
    I just know that dumb dog gone luck it going to intervene though 😦
    But that is ok..really.. coz you iz my fuuriend too Dennis! Eeven though you iz a woofie 🙂



  2. I think this might be what’s going on in our home too, take over by 3 annoying cats, ugh.

    Dennis, have you heard from Flat tony lately? Coz momma tried 2 email him about having pictures of him, but he never responded 😦

    Dennis says: hello a blog in the rough no i havent herd frum flat tony sinse last week wen he sent me a nice sertifikat of appresheeayshun but that may be becuz i ate him ok bye


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