joorassic pups

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel it appeerz that doo to a randum malfunkshun of the enjines in the doghowse we hav ended up in the distant past now normaly we wood just be abel to set the enjines agin and retern to the present but unforchoonatly their wuz sum sort of insident after we arrivd heer that resultd in sum minor damaj to the doghowse of justiss:

after performing a sientifik analuhsis on the composishun of the atmosfeer and studeeing the verry lardj vejetayshun not to menshun an eksawstiv inspekshun of the local fawna i hav come to the konkloozion that we ar in fakt sumware in the far off time mayd popyoolar in the famus dokyoomentry joorassik park

sinse i dont hav aksess to dadas kompyooter heer in the joorasik peeryod i am skratching this entry into sum drying mud in the hope that sumday dada wil find it and type it into the kompyooter for me meenwile i am tayking chardj of this sitchooayshun and mayking shoor that none of us doo ennything that mite kawse trouble in the fyootcher like wot happend in the famus story a sownd of thunder or the trashy dokyoomentry the butterfly effekt

hmm tucker has wanderd off i hope that he didnt git stompd on by a dinosawr!!!!

uh oh it appeerz that tucker has eeten a small baby dinosawr of sum sort wel i am shoor that such a minor thing wil not hav enny seeryus effekt on the fyootcher ha ha ok bye

Meanwhile, in the present …

19 thoughts on “joorassic pups

  1. Oh noes! Stay on the path and dont step on a buterfly or we are doomed! Ha ha wut am I saying were already doomed cause Trouble is up to no good you can see it in her eye. Watch outs fer that kitty!


  2. Looks like you landed in the “Land of the Giants” … Oh no, look out! Clover and Cosmo are sending you a map with GPS to help you find your way home.


  3. Once you get back to the present (and I have every hope you will), I hope Tucker doesn’t feel any ill effects from his lunch which will, by this time, be WAY past its due date.


  4. I heard on the radio that scientists are saying that Pterodactyls couldn’t fly. If they can’t…..why did they have those large wings?!?!

    Dennis says: hello nevis hay hoo ar yoo going to beleev sientists or me??? ok bye


  5. Hai Dennis, i hope yoo get home soon, we shud all re build the doghowse!


    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


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