yoo dont no until yoo skweek it

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel heer is anuther messadj skratched into the drying mud we ar stil trapd heer in the distant past and i am having a reel problem convinsing the others not to go arownd chaynjing things

fortchoonatly nobody has dun ennything too owtrayjus yet so i am hopeful that the fyootcher is stil pretty much as we left it i gess i wil nevr no but stil i am leeving this messadj in the mud in the hope that wun day my fyootcher arkeolodjist self mite find it and undersand wot happend ok bye

Meanwhile, in the present …

13 thoughts on “yoo dont no until yoo skweek it

  1. Poor Trixie. At home all alone!

    Dennis, did you remember to pack the hypnotic flying disc? It might come in handy as you try to find your way back home.


  2. Hey, Dennis, I used to have a dinosore stuffy! I think that maybe Tucker might have the right idea…

    Brown dog kisses,

    Pee Ess It’s a hard job, but I’m glad you’re concerned about the space-time continuum!


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