18 thoughts on “Time Travel Physics Made Simple

  1. Reminds me of my quantum physics class in college. My notes looked a lot like Trouble’s whiteboard. I can’t wait to see what happens! (Okay, well, I already know what happens when one’s notes look like that–you don’t do very well in physics.)


  2. This looks to me like Trouble knows she isin trouble and is trying to bring Dennis, Tucker and Trixie home! Also she thinks she may have changed the world as we know it! Well Dennis has changed the world as I know it 🙂


  3. Hi Dennis! Wow this is another great adventure! I am so worried about the Doghouse of Justice being squashed like so much kibble! How are you going to fix it??? You have to hurry up and get back home before your mama and dada miss you, although I think they might welcome a little break from the general destruction of the house….

    I loved the videos of you trying to get the dangerous tennis ball of death! Finally everyone at the pond is safe and it is all because of you! You are a hero!!



  4. I’m not sure if you have the formula right yet Dennis! 😉 I have something that’ll make you giggle though and I’m sure it’ll work on you… 🙂



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