The Hitchhiker’s Guide Dog To The Galaxy

Although we have escaped from the Death Spud, things are not looking good for Trixie, Tucker, and me. Our small shuttle was never meant to travel through deep space, and lacks the ability to produce adequate food and water. Even the life support system is beginning to fail, as power runs low and non-critical systems shut down. We are adrift, and if we aren’t found soon, I fear it will be … too late.

The hours pass, and all hope seems lost, when suddenly, the space around us is filled with billions and billions of identical ships!

Despite the seemingly infinite odds against rescue, it has arrived, in the form of the stolen spaceship The Heart of Gold! In response to our distress signal, our shuttle is taken aboard, where we meet the crew of this strange and improbable vessel.

After spending so much time battling ruthless enemies, it is a welcome relief to be among friendly spacefarers who are willing and able to help us find our way home. They even offer us refreshments.

I don’t know what a Pan-Galactic Gargle Blaster is, but after all that I’ve been through since my inadvertent alien abduction, I could certainly use one.

My persistence has paid off at last; soon all three of us will be home, and I can resume my duties in the archeology department instead of wandering the dark depths of the universe. Because I am Dennis the Vizsla, and I never give up.

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