flyball folleez

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay gess wot this weekend i helpd my flyball teem giv a demonstrayshun of how flyball wurks for sum beerded colleez it wuz verry edjookayshunal for evrywun involvd

at first i had a littel performanse anxietee as yoo can see in this pikcher

fortchoonatly dada stopd by to giv me hugs and kisses and that mayd me feel better but then dada got bord and wanderd off he has a verry short attenshun span

wen i wuznt playing flyball i wanderd arownd eksploring and thats how i came across this vehikul grayvyard in the littel dry streem bed behind the flyball korse as yoo can see their is kwite a bit of reckaj heer inklooding a delivry van and a crashd helicopter i did not find enny bodeez in the reckd vehikuls so wun can only hope the peepul eskaypd and wer reskewd rather then beeing eeten by mowntin lions or tayken prisoner by ninja hedjhogs

dooring sum downtime frum demoing i praktisd for my upcoming role as a krismas maynjer animal

ha ha no i am just kidding their werent enny vizslas in the manjer and if their had been vizslas their they wud hav ben in sumwuns lap and not in the straw ennyway later on i visited sum of the other flyball dogs hanging owt in their trailers

as yoo can see the trailer neerest me has its own klimat control sistem wow wot a diva!!!!  i wonder how much those things cost ……

evrybuddy always gits eksited wen another dog is doing the flyball run but i just chil owt see heer i am relaxing wile my bodygard stands on dooty to keep an eye owt for enny crazy fans that mite be stawking me yes i am looking at yoo tucker!!!

ha ha no i am just kidding i am happy to awtograf all my fans even the crazy wuns and by awtograffing i meen peeing on them so evrywun form a line and we can get started ha ha hay ware is evrybuddy going???

ok wel heer it is wot evrywun has ben wayting for a viddyo of me doing flyball!!!!

ummmm wel ok in this viddyo i wuz showing the beerded colleez how not to play flyball becuz it is importent to no wot yoo ar not suppozd to do for instans yoo ar not suppozd to not tayk the ball and yoo ar not suppozd to not jump ovr the jumps i am glad i cud kleer that up for evrywun

their isnt enny viddyo of me dooing flyball properly not becuz i cant do it properly but rather becuz wen i am being filmd the camra adds fifteen pownds and all that ekstra wayt reely throws me off also yoozually i just like to pluck the bal owt of the boks with my teeth but sumtimez i aksidently step on it and then the boks gits mad and shoots the bal at me and then i hav to run away frum it but sumday i wil show that boks hooz boss!!!! ok bye

18 thoughts on “flyball folleez

  1. Chase says the fans cost about seven dollars, plus big batteries. They are okay except they hum at you all the time and you need your person to come turn them off. After you play Flyball for a while though, you’d probably be happy to have the fan running.


  2. hi dennis the vista dog (say, are you a PC?) that vehicle graveyard would be a good place for you to practice your search and rescue skills, then you could get a job and earn money to purchase lots of snaks! watch out for divas they will run off with the first stray that comes along with a studded collar then sue you for half your stuff. bye


  3. Mr. Bean’s manger scene included a T-Rex and a helicopter, so I don’t see why yours couldn’t include a Vizsla or two.
    When those thick-headed Bearded Collies finally get the idea and you can stop testing their knowledge, it would be great to see some footage of you doing flyball (instead of not doing it.


  4. Dennis, I know exactly what you mean about the camera adding fifteen pounds……I am actually a stealthlike kitty only weighing 8.75 lbs!


  5. Hello Dennis the Vizla dog. Please tell yor Dada he has a nice Tilly. Our momma has wun 2.

    Bobo and Meja the SharPei dogs.

    Dennis says: hello pam ok i wil tell him he nevr goes ennyware owt in the sun withowt that thing on his hed i think he is a vampire or sumthing ha ha ok bye


  6. OH wow Dennis I love you adventures outsides!
    Your Momma and Dadda gives you such an exciting lifes! They really trully do, you are one very lucky woofie!

    hehehe I loves the climate control cages! lol never would have though! 🙂



  7. Woohoo! Dennis you are so lucky to play flyball because I always thought that I would be pretty good at it as long as Cosmo didn’t get to do it at the same time because he would trip me up or steal the ball and run away and hide it from me. Ok. You rest up now, ok? Your friend, Clover

    Dude! What’s with all of the running and jumping? Gotta go, nap time. Coz


  8. Well I thinks you is doing pretty good there Dennis! Reely who sez you cant jest make up yer own rules as you go along thats wut I always sez. (Mummy sez that filosofee is why I dont do agilitee anymores. That and mebbe the time I nearly breaked the tunnel obstakle. Honestly it wuz curved who wants a curved tunnel? I jest kinda straitened it up a bit.)

    PS Its too bad that Quack-up Truck wuz wrecked cause it might of been fun to go fer a ride in it for a minnut or two anyways.


  9. No idea what most of this is about, Dennis. Running very fast in circles looks fun. Kissing Dada’s face off looks fun, too. I hope you got to jump on everything. I hope you got to jump on all those dogs, too. Why were you not throwing that straw everywhere, too? I bet it’s FUN TO DIG IN!!


  10. LOL Dennis you are making me laugh! I didn’t know you played flyball too! I also play flyball but I don’t know how to do the box yet the Mum hasn’t taught me. But I am learning how to go over all those fun jumps!

    Looks like you had a fun day. The Mum says she didn’t see any pictures of the cute bearded collies!


  11. Dennis i was wondering if playing with my kong balss with mom is the same as fly balls? Cuz the balls are flying sometimes I even catch them mid air!


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