its a littel windy agin

hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog wel yesterday it wuz verry verry windy and so of korse mama and dada had to tayk us to the windyest playse they cud think of i e the beech

i am pretty shoor that mama and dada only do this becuz they like to watch owr eers fly arownd in the wind hey mama and dada go git yore jolleez sumware else!!!!

as yoo can see the pom treez wer in danjer of blowing away or at least bending over sidewayz and bopping peepul on the hed just like littel rabbit foo foo only not with feeld mice

wel ennyway in order to git to the beech wun first has to go down a flite of aproksimatly 17,985 steps in order to git to the bottom heer we ar desending with mama aka “yore not putting my pikcher on the internets wen i am waring swet pants” aka the pikselayted blob

wunse at the bottom we cant akchooaly go on the sand bucuz of all the sines wot say no dogs allowd on the beech this is just anuther eksampel of the sort of owtrayjus diskriminayshun that wun fayses wen wun is a dog becuz after all they permit birds and fishes and more birds and small children to run arownd on the beech and they ar all dirtier then dogs ar!!!! but unfortchoonatly al we cud do is luk at the sand longingly frum thru the nasty metal rayling

i am pretty shoor tucker must hav seen sumwun down their eeting a french fry or sumthing i cant imadjin wot els wood hold his intrest for that long ha ha wel ennyway speeking of birds we saw a groop of pelicans going on a bomming run over the peer

at furst i wuz a littel bit skayrd becuz i thawt they mite be teradactyls coming to eet us but then trixie reminded me that we are not in the joorassic ennymore and then i felt better

as yoo can see the peer wuz under hevvy seedj by wayvs and wind

sadly we didnt get to go owt on the peer becuz wunse agin their ar sines all over it wot say no dogs allowd but let me just poynt owt that their is not a singel sine saying no cats allowd so chek it owt:

ha ha it is a foolpruf disgize isnt it??? now if i can just convinse tucker and trixie to ware wun too we wil be all over that peer ha ha wel ennyway then we went home becuz the wind wuz blowing sand in owr fayses and besides poor old man tucker wuz verry tired from walking arownd in all that wind as yoo can see he wuz so wiped owt he let me sit nekst to him on the chase lownj

so it wuz a pretty gud day altho as i menshund it wuz sumwot spoyld by mindless anti dog prejoodis wun wood think in this day and aydj they wood be more enlitend abowt such things but oh wel maybe sumday we wil git to play on the beech but for now we wil just hav to perfekt owr disgizes ha ha ok bye

18 thoughts on “its a littel windy agin

  1. That first video is awesome! If the winds pick up a little, perhaps you can go on a flight 🙂

    I’d much rather let dogs off leash than children off leash anyday of the week!


  2. Dennis, although that looked like great fun, I must say that for a moment there, ya’ll reminded me of the Flyin’ Nun..any minute you’d be airborne for sure! I agree with you regarding the matter of dog on the beach prejudice (in spite of not being a dog) and think you would have had a smashing time!


  3. Dennis I would like to point ou that I also have aerodynamic ears like Sister Bertrille! At least mom says so. Although mine do not flap in the wind, like birds. Hey have you tried flying yet?

    Oh also cats are not the only ones that like yarn, Roscoe seems to like to take moms ball of yarn when she is knitting and purling and run away with it!!


  4. Dennis yoo look very fool proof in da kitty kostume! I fink if yoo had a bag o nip wif yoo it wud help too!

    ::springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  5. Boy it is very windy. I love the new ears Trouble er sorry Dennis.
    I once heard a story on the news about a pelican in western australia that ate a lady’s chiahuahua at the beach, it just came along & swallowed it up. Lucky you are a big dog 🙂


  6. awww Dennis I do not think I have ever seen you so relaxed, you look like you is on redbull all the time usually hehe

    That is very wrong about woofie, I mean not that I mind and all. 😛
    We used to live on the coast and the majority of the beaches were not allowed woofies, but they had some that were specifically woofie ones..
    Maybee you Dadda can check with the local council and see if there is a woofie beach near you? 🙂
    Salt water is so good to your furrs and skins 🙂 And waves are extra funt o play in and bite 🙂



  7. Hey Dennis…you should have your mama and dada take you up north. We get to run off leash on the beach all the time. It is fun. Our mom likes it because we are so relaxed afterwards.

    The Red Dawn Vizslas


  8. Chase says, We must rise up against those that discriminate against dogs. They are mindless people who do not want to be bothered with facts. They’d not believe that us dogs are no dirtier than the birds, kids, and surfers — all that sun screen and bird poop — yech!


  9. Mummy sez it is prolly fer the best that you didnt get to go in the sand cause then you would have to have a bathies afterwards. Yer Mummy and Daddy shore seem a lot more openminded bout thangs like dirt and fun times huh.


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