hello nice reederz its dennis the vizsla dog hay i had a reekwest to show wun of the pretty beerded kolleez from the flyball folleez so heer is a pikcher of my frend harlow harlow is alreddy on the teem and so didnt need to hav a flyball demo insted harlow helpd us owt with showing the other beerded kolleez wot to do

heer is harlow raysing through the flyball korse go harlow go!!!

and heer yoo can see harlow demonstrayting the proper tung dangling tekneek to stay kool on those toasty afternoons wel dun harlow!!!!

as yoo can see it is verry important to no both the proper flyball tekneek as wel as the proper tekneek for kooling off so thank yoo for the demo harlow ok bye

16 thoughts on “teemmayt

  1. Harlow is very cute! But look at what momma found on her stat counter on her blog:

    Location:Washington, District Of Columbia, United States
    IP Address:U.s. Department Of State (REDACTED)
    Entry Page:ablogintherough.blogspot.com/
    Exit Page:ablogintherough.blogspot.com/
    Referring URL: dennisthevizsla.wordpress.com/2008/11/04/yoo-dont-no-until-yoo-skweek-it/

    Are you in big trouble or what? Did ewe dew something bad with that gold card we gave you?

    Dennis says: hello a blog in the rough hay no not this time i lernd my lesson after doing hard time in the albakerkee penal sistem no i think its pretty kleer that the guvment is trying to obtayn the seekrets of time travel frum me!!! i wil hav to be verry careful and hide the gofer broke in a sayf lokayshun shhhhh dont tell ennybuddy ok bye


  2. Bearded Collie, Hmm? That’s the weirdest looking collie I’ve ever seen.

    If they’re letting just anyone be a collie these days, I think we’ll re-classify Jerry as a collie, too. Maybe he’ll be easier to train, then…


  3. Dennis,

    Hey, that looks like a lot of fun. What is flyball? I would like to do that but my mom is out of shape. Does she have to run around like in agility, ‘cuz my mom is not agile.. heh heh



  4. Harlow looks very pleased with himself. He looks like he needs a BIG drink which I’m sure he got. I think Jessie would be good at Fly Ball. Might look into it.


  5. Hai Dennis, did yoo tell Harlow dat the furs in da chin are a bit muddy? I bet it was fun tho!!


    ::Springs in my feet::
    ::springs in my feet::

    I is Jake!


  6. A rope tug toy with a ball attached to it?!? Omigosh! Why does I not have one of them toys? I will have to take this up with my Mummy.

    (PS I thinks the peoples what are confoozled bout Bearded Collies are prolly thinking of Lassie what wuz a regular Collie.)


  7. I am thinking that flyballs is looking pretty fun! Do they let pit blls do it? Oh and I think that Harlow is exceptionally good at demonstrating the long tongue cool off technique.

    Dennis says: hello daisy its dennis the vizsla dog hay mama sez that they wil let enny dog do the flyball so if yoo want to try it yoo shud luk into wot teems ar operayting in yore area ok bye


  8. “And if you run fast enough, you’ll encourage your human to stand still with the throw toy until you arrive. That’s the positive reinforcement technique.” Yes, Harlow’s a very good coach.


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